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For some reason I did not want to eavesdrop or peep, I turned on the music on the phone.
Forty minutes later I carried her back and the second time I heard a polite word.
– Thank you, P – she did not close her eyes any more and tried to smile.

-spi I covered her with a blanket to the top of the head.
I’ve never seen them fall asleep so quickly.
It remains for me only to remove the “evidence” – this is nonsense, and making dinner myself is really annoying.
Since I still tried to call a couple of times but then scored on this case.
She called somewhere around 11 pm; club music, screams and laughs were heard in the receiver, I could not make out the words.
At one o’clock in the morning M woke up and asked for green tea with bread crumbs.
from the day it was changed, in general, right now, I walk with M.

This story happened to Sergey when he was already 19 years old.
He studied at a prestigious university in the second year of economics.
It was a young man of medium height, slender physique, with thick head of hair and expressive green eyes. Sex cams vk.

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