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Anal sex, gang bang and in general she was very free in the subject of sex and sex relations.
Briefly about yourself.
21 centimeters.

With the growth of meter eighty.
Engaged in athletics.
And I also have a quarter of African blood.
Mother mulatto.
Grandfather from Ethiopia, even with the union, amused myself with my grandmother.
So, having African roots and exotic looks, I enjoyed great success with the female.
Began correspondence and sharing photos.
In the pictures was a young woman of thirty years.
A slim figure, long brown hair, a small chest of the second size, dark brown eyes and a pretty face.
Beautiful girl.
Petulips decorated with piercing and butterfly tattoo on the right shoulder blade.
I sent her different angles of his torso and penis.
What led my friend to sheer delight.
A woman wrote to me that she was dreaming of such a man, and she was eager to get my brown dick in her pink slit.
That wants to feel the power of my muscles,

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and is ready for me for a lot.
Then our communication continued on Skype.
Nick she was the Countess Orgasm.
Following her example, I called myself Baron de Stoyk.
I must note that the photo was hers, and besides, she had a pleasant melodic voice.
Several times she masturbated on webcam.
Honestly, I am not a fan of such entertainment.
It is much more pleasant to feel the female body on your penis, to smell her hair, velvety skin and listen to moans.
What I told her.
She agreed to meet in real, and this coming weekend.

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But what was depressing, she lived in another city, or rather not even a city, but a small town.
Of course, I agree.
Drive some 300 km.
And now, following the route laid by ZHPRS navigator food in his car.
Navigator is truly the invention of the devil.
Many probably faced with such a reality, when the navigator voice of the girl says, after 100 meters turn left.
You turn, and there it is stupidly covered with a concrete slab.
Or turn right, and there is no turn at all.
Yes, imperfect technology of the third millennium.
Cursing this damned device and its inventors, as well as cursing the harsh reality, after a few hours of wandering around the country roads, I realized that I was lost.
Then the car settled down in the pit and it finally finished me.
– Heck! It was necessary at all on the train! – I had to leave the car.
Pulling out groceries and brandy from the trunk, I went to the nearest village.
Counting on help! I forgot to say that all this action took place in the winter! Stomping in the snow in the frost a few kilometers, quite tiring.
And along the way, I, in order not to freeze, decently applied to a bottle of brandy.
I don’t remember how I found the village.
Since I was already thoroughly drunk.
He opened his eyes.
My head was not buzzing, I was completely naked and slept in the arms of the incredible size of a young woman.
And also completely nude.
We were in a small hot overheated room.
We slept on a rough, huge wooden bed.
The whole body ached a little, but this ache was pleasant.
This familiar feeling happened to me when I had sex all night.
Proven experience.
I tried to remember what happened yesterday.
The memory gave out memories with scraps.
Bearded man, then like a feast and a bunch of girls.
Naked bodies and pleasant warmth.
Laughter and fun.
The woman, feeling my stirring, opened her eyes.
Two dark blue eyes, with fluffy eyelashes and beautifully arched eyebrows, looked mockingly.
– Awoke! Baron! – Hello! – I said.
She stretched and sat up.
Holy heaven! Here is this body! The woman was about thirty years old, but her body is smooth and elastic. Sex live chat farradayy.

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