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But as soon as the denouement came, Anna immediately covered herself with something, blushing thickly and dropping her gaze.
Conceding to her request, he also sat down, turned his back to her and suggested: – Come on, put on your stockings at home, now – just a dress.
“To tell the truth, I am completely out of power,” sighed Anna, embarrassedly smiled.

– Do not worry, I will carry you, – Sergey, kissing her on the head, answered.
Also pulling on the clothes, Sergei picked her up and went back to the house.
Putting her head on his shoulder, Anna sweetly fell asleep.
He bore her easily, rising into the bedroom, carefully lowered her onto the bed.
He sat down at the table: it was necessary to write a few letters.
The bra resisted my fingers.
Hooks on the clasp clung to each other, round ears, again pulled out from the clutching their fingers to freedom.

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Finally, tired of fighting, I pulled the bra up without undoing these stubborn hooks.
Olga gasped, grabbed the isthmus between the right and left cup of her bra and jerked forward.
Bra flew into the stratosphere, wrung unbuttoned straps.
And her breasts, heavy, with large nipples, which had long beckoned me in my dreams, fell on my unevenly breathing chest.
The blow was soft, warm and pleasant.
But not its consequences.
I finally demolished the remnants of perception of the surrounding world.
The remains of the panties hit the wall, and the hot body of the woman I dreamed about covered my waist with a strong grip of the legs.
Involuntarily pinned me against the wall of the corridor.
IM married.
My wife is a sexy, capable woman who tries not to be boring not only in bed, but also in life.

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And it suits me.
Everything suits me in it – otherwise I would not have married her.
But Olga.
It is more than the object of sexual desire.
It is something that can not be touched.
And if touched, then do not tell anyone about it.
And this jewel, having wrapped its arms around my neck with lianas, breathes loudly in my ears, listening to what my left hand is doing, which has already grasped the penis, rushing in search of the entrance to the cave of pleasure.
The right hand at this time supported her ass from the bottom, not letting the jewels slip to the floor.
– And who is here, hiding? – What vulgarity, but how pleasant at the moment when the head rubs against the wet entrance to her treasury.
– Find out.
– She podhikhivaet, feeling like a member slips on a little rough shaved skin of the perineum, teasing her thirsty lips.

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