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Chapter Two At the dial of the other watch, but where the hand slowly crawled toward the same three, the three girls watched closely, hugging each other.
They were in identical dresses, they were similar to each other, they were ruddy and fresh, so an ancient poet or a clerk who loves poetic traditions would successfully compare them with roses.
They all smiled when the arrow caught up with the fat Roman numeral, all three rushed to the window at once with a shout: “here he comes,” they ran out of the room.

The mother of these graces, Anna Pavlovna Komarova, had not only a steady, but somewhat even an original world vision.
However, it was not so much a worldview as a look at the ratio of the sexes.
She herself is a widow who did not take heart in Sonia, Varenka and Katenka, she was convinced that the world exists only for women and even, in particular, for her girls, the stronger sex was tolerated, and then with great oppression, only as an entourage for lovely roses.
The entire young population of the universe was divided into its girls, girlfriends, gentlemen and “boys”, the rest were “old men”, to whom a somewhat different yardstick was already applied, and Anna Pavlovna and meekly attributed to them.
“Boys” were eradicated in every way, and even their faces were not noticed; the gentlemen were noticed and, according to their devotion, were caressed, the friends were praised and glorified, but the “roses” – the roses were a deity.
And even gentlemen were groomed, as victims to the slaughter — no more, “eternal, holy war” was declared to the “boys”, faceless and incalculable.
Deprived of excessive fanaticism, mothers and daughters dimly shared these Amazonian views, and in the Komarovs’ house they were both glorified and glorified, and only the eternal feminine asserted was the pearl of a single creation.

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Men could only get a salary, it is good to row and rule when the young ladies ride, to hunt and dance, but you would be incredibly surprised and insulted these lovely ladies by asking, for example: “Is the neighboring realist handsome?” That would be unheard of.
Such a question, when there is a host of girlfriends and, finally, three roses!?! Three roses descended into the garden towards Van, but two, after tweeting and pretending to remember something, ran away, leaving Vanya and Varya in the middle of the lawn, open on all sides.
Not inviting the ladies to the shadow and not letting her hands out of his, he said: – How I love you, Varya, if you knew.
“I know,” she said, looking down.
– But you, you.
do you love me – I would not be here now otherwise.
“But how sweet she is, cheat!” to kiss! – dreamed mother, looking out of the window through the lorgnette on this scene.
“Oh, lovely, lovely,” Sonia and Katenka rattled, embracing.
And on the lawn, meanwhile, the conversation continued.
– I can not believe: do you really love me, dear Varya? Can you kiss me? the young lady’s answer without a word lifted her cheek, which, almost without approaching, but stretching her neck and lips, kissed the boy.
The ground was completely open, the sun was shining, and behind the lowered curtains three pairs of eyes gleamed in pleasure.
Varya, straightening her hair, said: “Let’s go to the house, we were going to walk.”
And Anna Pavlovna, Sonya, and Katya went out to meet them.

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young ladies smiled and looked at each other meaningfully, and the lady gently told the red, like a cancer, to the gentleman: “Maybe, Vanya, you will drink tea before: the samovar is still hot.”
Vanya blushed even more, not accustomed to the kind treatment and not knowing that from now on he moves from a number of hated “boys” to the honorary discharge of gentlemen.
Chapter Three Vanya returned home feeling strangely sad, which did not slip away even from Esper Petrovich’s not very friendly look.
An uncle, who did not usually enter into foreign affairs without asking, did not question his nephew about the reason for his frustration, but that it did not go unnoticed was due to the fact that Esper Petrovich sang Dalila’s aria in a thin voice.
When the dim state of Vanino did not pass even ten days later, the uncle asked him himself: – What, Vanya, it seems to you that you are not completely alone? Skype sex online now.

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