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Her legs smelled a little, but it only added spice.
I began to rub and massage them, licking the tongue through the stockings.
Irina even closed her eyes from pleasure when I began to suck on her toes and lick her soles.

It lasted almost the entire lunch.
My member was standing still, and when Ira began to move the leg in my mouth, I imagined her husband’s dick, finished off without using my hands.
Okay, stop it! Look All stockings I slapped! She pulled a new pair out of the drawer and handed it to me.
This is an unforgettable pleasure to put women stockings on their feet! You roll the stocking, and slowly watch the leg hiding behind the delicate nylon.
When I put her legs on, Irina, looking into my eyes from top to bottom, said.
I want to discuss with you this topic, our future relationship.

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My husband is bisexual! He likes boys, in a passive role.
Have you ever tried? Not.
Do you want to? I see that you like when I fuck your ass with fingers.
I have been thinking about this from the very first days.
Looking at myself in the mirror in women’s clothes, I dreamed of being accepted as a girl, with all the ensuing consequences.
My answer was quick and concise.
I want and dream! I knew what you would be for! Here bought! For you! Irina took out a small anal vibrator from her purse, and some kind of spray.
Take it Work out at home! A member of my husband, though not very big, but it will hurt.
At home, when I dressed as a female and sprayed on the ass, I gently inserted a vibrator in the ass.
It was not painful at all, on the contrary, I felt some kind of upliftment of sweet feelings.

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My dick got up, and I jerked him off until I filled my stockings with sperm.
The whole evening I went without taking him out of the priests.
When I woke up on Saturday morning, I carefully picked up my whole body, and after breakfast I began to gather to visit Irina Nikolaevna.
Vibrator took his place in my pope.
They were waiting for me for dinner, and I was faced with a painful choice of what to wear.
I really wanted to appear in front of them, fully dressed as a woman, but not daring, limited to white lace panties and lace white stockings, as well as a lace bra with silicone inserts.
Iryna’s husband, Victor, opened the door for me.
Sofiryan bongacam.

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