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Just yesterday we were arguing about sex.
She asked me not to do any more masturbation, for her it is something disgustingly unpleasant.
I agreed.

I obey her, it excites me.
Even here I find a sexual theme.
The next evening, she went to spend the night with her parents.
Returning from work, I tiredly fell on the sofa and began to think.
Of course, I promised not to masturbate.
But after all, there are many other wonderful ways to please yourself, and it is not necessary to jerk the foreskin on the penis, looking at some regular vidyashka with a girl fucking a strap-on man.
Of course, it was not the worst option, but since I promised not to stop.
While I was pondering how to please myself, the bladder pulsed into the penis and made me tense up.
I got up and wandered off to the bowl, but stopped.

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I have experimented several times already, and it was curious.
Hold back as long as possible, an interesting experience.
I’m back on the couch.
The circumstances were appropriate.
I haven’t eaten since last night, and it was good.
Those of you who do not know, I will tell about some of the features of this lesson.
First, your intestines should be empty.
This is necessary because it will fit in more, and, most importantly, at the moment of relaxation, the sphincter will also relax.
This is not to mention the fact that the spasms will push the contents of your anus out.
Therefore, I recommend to do an enema before this event, as if before anal sex.
By the way, lovers of anal masturbation will also like the full bladder, an indescribable feeling.
But I’m distracted.

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So, I found entertainment for the evening.
Even though I haven’t eaten for a day, I still cleared my bowels with an enema.
Now you can proceed.
I undressed to the pants, and began to drink water.
I emptied my bladder when my bowels were empty.
But the more curious it will be, I can find out the volume that will be my limit.
The volume of my mug is 0.
33 liters.
Thus, a liter is three circles.
At the first call I drank four cups, and sat down at the laptop.
It was necessary to wait for the water to leave the stomach.
It’s been 20 minutes.
I think it’s worth adding some water.
I drank 2 more mugs.
Well, two liters is already in me.
Past experiments have shown that I kept a little less than three liters.
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