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Istel sincerely could not understand why Chris chose not her, but El.
She returned him his freedom and in general.
But one day Nariel interrupted her thoughts with one phrase: “If you want to receive something, you must give something in return” and again fell silent.

At first, Istel only sniffed contemptuously – simple truths, he will tell her.
Although then thought.
She always acted like a drow, demanding that Chris submit to her.
But does she need it? Now Istel just wanted to be with him, just like that, without any benefit.
That they were together, giving each other pleasure.
maybe the elf meant it? A few days later, the elven forests were left behind.
Ahead lay the steppes of the orcs and Istel concentrated on the task at hand: to find a mage helping the orcs.
And when things are done, you can think about her relationship with Chris.
The magician turned out to be an excellent lover.
And although he did not dedicate the drow to his plans, did not even say his name, Santil did not rush things, enjoying what was happening in this room at night.
And not only at night.
But this time they were interrupted, and quite rude.
A flicker appeared in the room and a translucent figure of an elf appeared.
Santil frowned in disgust – who is that blond? But then an obvious answer crept into my head – the magician was talking about his man among the elves.

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This, obviously, he is.
More precisely, she.
The elf bowed her head in a greeting and spoke quickly.
We are a few days away from you, Lord.
Nobody suspects about your real possibilities – they think that you are an ordinary magician.
The magician shrugged and settled himself more comfortably on the bed.
Lead them to the Labyrinth.
Leave the drow alive – Santil glanced happily at these words – and do what you want with the others.
In any case they will not be able to interfere.
Eliktiel tilted her head again, this time in agreement.
She will do everything.
The Guardian’s behavior may be different from my previous “opus”, because in each story he is a different character.
The same hero is

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simply psychologically incapable of realizing all the love lines inherent in the game.
The guard literally physically felt how thin the Veil is here – many thousands of deaths in the past did not go to her for nothing.
The oppressive feeling only intensified because he had yet to do – the Guardian could not be called fearful, but the prospect of spending time in this place, and even doing a search for a werewolf, did not inspire him in any way.
Thank you, keeper !.
This time only Wynn accompanied him.
The guard rightly reasoned that the dolly elves could only be found if they allowed themselves to be discovered – which means that the two travelers had a far greater chance of achieving the desired result than a whole detachment.
The calculation was justified, but the conversation with Zatrian clearly did not meet the expectations, so the Gray Guard was in a rather nasty state of mind, and it was at that moment that he sat on a carved elf bench and wondered what to start with.
His thoughts were interrupted by a deep sigh nearby.
The guard squinted in disgust at the direction from which the sound originated and found there a short, plump, elf with half-childish features. Transparent bra panty online.

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