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Good nature has endowed her with long legs, and the bed was not high – she came up so that her member was right in front of my lips.
– Want ?.
Are you the first time?

– she whispered – do not be afraid, do as if you were doing yourself.
You can do it.
I will help you.
I nodded and looked at the little peephole on the head from which a drop of grease came out.
I gently licked it.
Then he made his lips with a straw and gently took the head into his mouth.
The writer responded with a shudder, and I felt another drop in my tongue.
Alena moaned and launched her fingers into my hair and began to pleasantly scrape her head with her nails.
I slowly began to take it out of my mouth, squeezing my lips, when I started to leave the head, I stuck out my tongue and gently walked along the very tip of the penis causing a voluptuous sound from Alena’s mouth.
– Come my sweet, I told you it will work.
she moaned.
In the meantime, I became quite hot and put my mouth on it deeper and deeper.
Then I felt that he was eagerly tense with her, then I stopped and decided to tease her, thus avenging her games.
– Well, let’s suck me, suck.
– she howled.
I released her, laid her on the bed, spread her legs and dived to her testicles.
The skin on them was tender and smelled pleasantly of perfume.
From my caresses, she was all trembling and making oncoming movements with her hips.
I thought that this is the moment when it should be finished off.
I tightly wrapped my lips around her cock and began to move my head, sucking on her cock. Webcam office masturbation.

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