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And among us there was no Kira, if, of course, Nastya did not change her name during that time.
– Wait, what kind of Kira? – I immediately voiced my question.
And he was surprised to see how Vanya was confused in a second.

The fact is that not so long ago, a week or two ago, no more, Vanya told me about a girl whom he met at some party.
He did not name her name, but said that she is studying at our institute.
Knowing his scale – then I didn’t even hope that I would be able to calculate his chosen one if he didn’t tell me himself, and didn’t ask him who she was and all that.
Embarrassed and blushing in every possible way, that for Vanya, and even more so for the guys of his age who found themselves in a similar situation, is not typical, he told me that this girl had deprived him of virginity.
He did not go into details – apparently, his first time was not the most successful.
in his opinion.
But I was not opposed, even though the interest and incited at first to ask about the details.
Because of the embarrassment that appeared on Vanya’s face, I made the assumption that it was about that girl that was discussed in his recent story.
The awkward moment was interrupted by another voice, also female.
Kira, and it was she who, as I suggested, emerged from the same door, from which not many had left Vanya, and, to my surprise, which had already faded away, hugged my friend from the back.
– The sun, I there, in laboratorskaya, found some water and food.
It seems that our chemist loved here with her friends to pojavnichat.
She said, clearly addressing Van.
– Oh, hi! We thought you were serious about it, do not wake up until tomorrow, and you already jumped up.
Oh yeah, I’m Kira! We intersected a couple of times in Russian, it seems.

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– she moved away from Vanya and came up to me, stretching out her hand.
At first I looked at my hand like an idiot, and then hesitantly shook it, getting up.
Nastya rose with me, and I looked around.
– Um.
I’m Misha, but you probably already know.
Thanks for the help, as I understand it, you helped the guys drag me here.
– I was somewhat embarrassed in front of this girl.
Her face was vaguely familiar to me, but I didn’t even know her name until today.
Probably, my brain was too busy thinking about Nastya, because Kira was also a very beautiful girl: blonde hair, almost perfect figure, long, jeans-covered legs, large breasts.
Everything, so to speak, was with her.
– Come on.
– she smiled affably at me – I could not leave you there.
Besides, Vanyusha was there, and you are his friend.
By the way, yes, Vanya.
So what about lab technician? – she again distracted from me, and approached my friend.
It was strange to see him next to such a girl, but it seems that he was terribly happy.
In my opinion, he forgot to tell me something in recent days, because this couple is clearly not so friends today.
But at least the circumstances of their dating, I knew.
They went to the laboratory, again leaving us with Nastya together, and I thought.
By the way, we were in the chemistry class, where the second hatch went.
The door was littered with a huge number of chairs, and the hatch through which we got here was carefully sealed.
It seems that the guys had a good time here, while I was out of the way.
I turned to Nastya.
She, as I dreamed for a second, was upset about something.
– Nast, tell me why my friend, who could never make acquaintance with a girl, in

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an hour and a half while I was unconscious, suddenly got a girlfriend? And why is it not possible for me? – I asked her a question and simultaneously complained, it is not clear what I was hoping for.
“Didn’t you know that they were dating Kira?” – she was surprised in turn, turning away.
Now I was pretty sure she was upset.
But what? – Hey, what are you doing? – I asked and put my hand on her shoulder.
She turned and we met again.
And then I decided that in a normal situation I would never have occurred to me.
However, when the apocalypse is raging on the streets of your city, and there is nothing left of the past life for which you could cling, think about something rationally, and even more so deny yourself what could not be in that other life is not necessary.
Carefully approaching her, I covered her lips with my own, gently kissing. Webcam sex at work.

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