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She was all red, she was very ashamed.
Until the end of the lesson, there were 5 minutes left; Natasha somehow suffered, fidgeting strongly.
As soon as the bell rang, Natalya realized that she was saved.

She set homework and ran to the toilet, knowing that this change was only 5 minutes.
Near the toilet there was a line, many teachers wanted to ease, including the head teacher.
The head teacher, seeing Natalya Stepanovna, asked how things were going, Natasha hardly smiled and said that everything was fine.
Natasha was difficult to stand in one place, she made movements from side to side and from time to time she squeezed her ass and stiffened in place.
The head teacher looked at her and her watch ironically.
Before the call was less than 4 minutes.
The time came for the head teacher, she took the booth, Natalya was the only one waiting for her turn, there was nothing to be embarrassed, she began to openly dance and squeeze her hips.
Then the booth in which the head teacher sat was released, Natasha jumped there, even without closing the doorway, she pulled up the hem of the sundress and began to take off her white panties, but having only sat down on the toilet for a third, Natalya heard the bell for the next lesson, with some kind of disturbing sound he passed into her breasts, she looked up and saw all the same ironic look of the head teacher.
It all happened in a split second.
“Come on, youth, get dressed, and on the lesson, there is nothing to roam on the toilets in the classroom.”
Natalya began to beg to let her be late, she endured the whole lesson, she began to explain that yesterday she ate something not fresh on her birthday and she did not care about diarrhea but head teacher. Webcam show sex video.

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