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A member of mine felt like a hot liquid envelops him, fills the vagina, flows into the scrotum.
I didn’t know what my wife felt, she suddenly became a stranger to me, an abstract female — I was fucking with her, as if seeing her for the first time.
Why, there – I did not know how I feel myself! I did not finish, my excitement grew with every second, tormented me, looked for a way out, and I continued to fuck my wife, accelerating the rhythm.

But Angela put her hand on my buttocks, held them, and hoarsely said: “and me?”.
And then something completely unthinkable happened: Angela lay on her back, and my tiny crumb crawled out from under me, nestled between her legs and began to gently lick her genitals, and the same expression of unthinkable bliss never left her face.
Her eyes were dull, half-closed.
I, not remembering myself, dug into Angela’s lips, renewing their taste — he was still burning on my lips — then in the chest, in the nipples, catching myself thinking that all my life I wanted it.
Angela groaned, moved her pelvis, and then said hoarsely: “let him go.
I need him.
Come to me, go to me ”- looked into my eyes and arched my whole body towards me.
My wife moved to Angela’s chest, dug into her, and I swung into her burning womb.
One, two, three thrusts – and I erupted into Angela, pressing into her thighs to bruise.
She moaned, but did not finish, and after that I still licked her vagina, expiring her and my juices.
Then she began to wheeze, and my wife and I held her, her mouth stuck in her, tearing sweet convulsions out of her. Www livejasmin com.

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