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Most men will be enthusiastic about your erotic fantasy, and your partner will most likely be no exception unless he is too religious. ”
– You are not too religious? I did not notice this for you.
– Yes, I want to explore new territories.

“Ask your partner to watch a porn movie together about the representatives of the oldest profession, and then do the same with him in bed as the main character of the film.
Do not forget about the appropriate “equipment” and do not be afraid to seem provocative or vulgar, because you appear in a similar way in front of your partner, and not in full view of the public. ”
By agreement, I called her to work and said when they called her: – Hi! It’s you? Let’s start.
Madam, can I have a girl at home? Yeah.
Dictate the address.
Yes, take off your pants at work, I want you to feel like a depraved girl who goes to work with a client without pants.
Do not wash yourself, maybe someone has a sensitive nose, let your primal smell smell,

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the smell of a female.
Let it excite you.
Read in part 4 (THE END OF ALL FANTASY): Ending “Fantasy No. 6.
ROLE GAMES “,” Fantasy number 7.
The usual buzz in the audience, to eerily annoying people around.
The gloomy and boring weather (apparently her man is also very busy) gave us a gray day.
A teacher with an eternally strained look (she claims that she is a victim of love) and in the same faded voice calls a student to the blackboard.
Everyone indifferently escorts her, next to the board, expressing nothing with a look.
I am trying to gather my thoughts and learn from her report as much as possible useful.
Within 15 minutes I manage to listen to her.
Suddenly, everything around is black and white, turns into a color picture, I see how the petals of a scarlet rose open in front of me.
My hands frantically try to feel the handle on the table, but its whereabouts are unknown.

Porn camera inside.

I’m afraid to take my eyes off her, but suddenly everything will disappear at the same moment.
Hurry, hurry! I pray to God, if he is, that she continue.
They say that a woman does not understand a man, does not penetrate into his desire and fantasy.
But then what I experienced, looking at the elegant features of this lovely creature.
I am transferred to a completely different world, different from reality.
The baby walks softly on the unsteady sand of the panther, basking in the piercing rays of the rising sun.
She does not respond to my calls, and everything goes and goes, I move away from me, not living, not seeing, not hearing what is happening around.
Left alone with herself, making sure to be alone on the deserted shore, she throws off her clothes and plunges into the azure waves.
Blue is jealously enveloping her nude body.
I am fascinated waiting for her return.
Shaking off the embrace of the waves, she turned her gaze to the sun and surrendered herself to his power, stretching out on the coastal sand, like a cat.
Relatively small growth makes the baby defenseless and weak in the eyes of the strong half of humanity.
It seems that she simply needs protection, but far from it.
Her icy composure, grace and elegance and, in addition, a pleasant bitchiness, give a cold sobering shower around.
She is always somewhere inside her icy statue and hardly anyone is able to cause her to be frank.
All the words that I choose, trying to describe this miracle, just fade next to it and sink to the ground with yellowed leaves covered with hoarfrost, but I can not help it.
As I approached, I tentatively touched the palm of her peach cheeks, she started, staring at me with her stern look.
I am hampered by incomprehensible force, paralyzing every joint, I freeze, bending over the angel.
Right before my eyes, the ghostly paradise of her eyes appears in the captivity of the eyelashes, the petals of a black rose, the depth of these eyes will cause any of the oceans of the earth to doubt its greatness.
Above paradise, two blue-black raven wings spread out, emphasizing the whiteness of her skin, like a honey plum.
When changing wind-mood bird tries to catch the stream of air flow and changes the position of the wings.
Right now, a playful breeze swept through and Baby, raised an eyebrow, feeling her power over my being.
Alexandrite lips quenched my thirst with entrancing moisture and recoiled, ashamed.
The upper lip, covered with a small down like a baby, causes genuine admiration and a sincere smile.
There is a hollow beneath the bottom, as if someone had put the truth of life into her mouth and put a finger on them.
I touch her golden wheat hair, strand by strand, they fall down in cascades of shower and break on her delicate childish shoulders. Brat i sestra sex online.

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