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He is afraid that you will leave him, but at the same time he wants you to cheat on him.
“Where do you know all this about my husband?” – Now Dasha was looking at her lover with surprise.
Sergey called his nickname, and it was not difficult for me to crawl around the site to find out what comments he left, what topics he wrote on, what thoughts he expressed.

And Sergei, as it turned out, is prone to the most radical forms of the kukold.
– And how do radical forms differ from ordinary ones? – Well, for example, if you now make fun of his little cock in front of me, then this will most likely excite him.
If you want to urinate in his mouth, he will try not to spill a drop, because it will also excite him.
If you give him a command to bring us coffee to bed with you, then he will not make a scandal, and he will do it meekly, because this will also be a high for him.

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Or am I wrong, Sergey? – Michael turned to me.
I mumbled in response to something absurd, and Mikhail continued: – Although I’m asking him, when we can find all the answers on the Seksvayf website.
“Mikhail poked with a computer mouse and started reading,” Yeah, that’s what he writes: “Most of all I want my wife to cheat on me with others, regardless of whether I want it or not.
The topic is especially exciting for the wife to bring lovers to our home and sleep with them in our bed, and send me to the living room on the sofa. ”
Or, “I dream of licking my wife after sex with other men, drinking a cocktail of her juices and sperm from her pussy.”
That’s good too: “Unfortunately, my wife is not in the sekswife topic.
Could someone seduce her? Or give advice on how to make her a whore. ”
Here’s another: “My wife works in a serious office, and I would like her to be a secretary and her entire leadership fucked.

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And even better, she worked as a prostitute in a brothel, and that my friends knew about her work, and could order her when they wanted. ”
Here, too, not bad: “And mine, when we met, was a virgin.
But it would be better if she were a whore who had seen views, so that she would betray me on my first wedding night.
And she forced me to pay her lover’s vacation ticket on our honeymoon, so that she could live in a room with her lover, and I’m in the neighborhood.
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