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In the meantime, without stopping reading, she began methodically swinging her right foot, which was on top.
The spectacle was fascinating.
I couldn’t, of course, stare at her all the time — I only threw tenacious glances: a charming face (it wouldn’t even look in my direction) —a young chest excitingly heaving with a sigh of breath — charming legs.

Somehow, in passing, I noted that for all the time that she was sitting and reading, she had never turned the pages.
Slow reading? I can understand – he is not a sprinter in reading.

For a moment, the thought arose in me: what if she is a reader of thoughts? That would be the number if she found out everything that I think about her now.
No, it can not be.
I have not met too many readers in my life.
As a rule, these were some nondescript middle-aged people, once a boy of twelve.
All of them probably came across this phenomenon for the first time, so it cost me only once to draw some bright picture in my image (an indispensable attribute for translating thoughts – otherwise it will not go beyond my head), as they immediately began wildly staring at me.

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One even asked once: “what are you doing, boy?” Roll back, I answered then.
I do not know.
I am not a physicist and not a psychologist.
And in general, they would have been better off following themselves, otherwise they read the thoughts of someone else here.
And why did I get such a gift – I don’t know either.
There is no practical benefit from it.
Alone trouble.
Constantly filter the mental market.
But here – no.
Tatyana reacts, like anyone in her place, if a guy with a discreet appearance sat on the metro opposite and undressed with her eyes.
We drove a couple more stops.
People left in the car – she and I.
Another in my place would be addicted to her, would have started to flirt, carry all kinds of nonsense.
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