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The orgasm shook my whole body, I literally could not inhale for a few seconds, but soon I felt only unbearable pain in my bladder, sat down again over the wash, but continued to endure, making incredible efforts to it.
After a couple of minutes, I again felt the first drops of urine at the exit, but I pressed my thumb on the urethra and stopped the flow.
A minute later, I was struck by a flash of terrible bladder pain, I instinctively grabbed my stomach with both hands, but my sphincters could not withstand such incredible pressure, and I released a real fountain! I suffered 38 hours and 10 minutes, so much time ago, I last visited the toilet.

I pisila strong and short bursts for 5 or 6 minutes, eventually releasing a little more than 1.5 liters! After that, I just wanted to sleep.

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I lay down on the sofa, fell asleep and woke up only after 5 hours.
I was about fourteen years old when in my mother’s room I found a book about sex in the life of a woman.
there was everything.
and how to care for yourself and your body, and how to seduce a man, how to make a man an unforgettable blowjob and what poses are preferable.
The book had a lot of photographs, drawings, especially poses for having sex.
The bodies twisted and twisted, the members entered, and the women arched with pleasure.
I read this book, on the same day I was already chasing my little one, imagining myself in bed with a man, imagining myself a girl, with legs thrown over a boy’s waist, imagining how I was fucked in different poses.
The next day, I tried on lingerie for the first time, somehow made up my face, took out my favorite book and did what I liked.

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A year has passed.
I no longer imagined myself in bed with a man.
He dreamed of changing sex, he wanted to lead a fully female life.
Mom left for work early, and returned quite late, so at home I almost always went to her underwear and clothes, and when I didn’t have physical education classes at school, I wore panties and a bra and to school, it was very exciting.
And if at first it was mainly lingerie that excited, then constantly pursue thoughts about how good it would be to sleep with a guy.
Then I first got on the Internet.
On the website of transvestites, I saw what I had long dreamed of – as a girl with a member gave a guy in the ass.
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