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The general turmoil and festive mood immediately eroded the exciting sensations from the charming head of a young girl, and she forgot to think about Verlaine.
In addition, she knew that he had never loved noisy celebrations and preferred to remain in the shadows.
By the edge of her ear she heard that he, it seems, was busy with important state affairs and that is why she did not appear to her.

Now all of a sudden, memories of a recent incident before the coronation came out with a new force, and the girl’s breath involuntarily caught her breath.
– What.

what are you doing in my chambers? – I just wanted to remind you that the next Royal Council will be held the day after tomorrow.
It’s time for you to take up your duties.
– You could remind me of this and in another place! There was no need to come here! To her surprise, Chantal did not notice anything but a haughty smile on the duke’s face.
– Your Majesty.
, – he said in an icy tone with an arrangement, – In your position I would recommend you not to show me your temper.

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The fact is that you have no idea about the true state of affairs in the country, or about the difficult situation in international politics, but most importantly, you are completely unaware of who surrounds you in the palace and what you can expect from these people.
– From you, as I understand it, I definitely should not expect anything good! – suddenly flared up Chantal.
She jumped out of bed, her hair spread like a wild thunder cloud over her shoulders and back, and a loose silk shirt slid off her rounded shoulder, through the thin fabric of which her hardened nipples appeared.
“A warlike spectacle,” not without sarcasm, Verlaine said to himself, walking steadily toward the queen’s bed.
– I will not hide that from me you will also have to endure some inconveniences.
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