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My wife was quickly left alone: ??I was kindly, but clearly cast off the ladies’ men, and since I was a rather impressive build, all questions disappeared by themselves.
In addition, my wife is such a fragile, gentle creature that soon the whole “minster” treated her carefully, touchingly, carefully, she was given gifts every day – all sorts of beautiful seafood, goodies, flowers.
She played the flute in the evenings, and the whole grateful “minster” was going to listen to her; moreover, a special, reverent attitude was established to her after her public orgasm and what the artist said about her.

He has since become particularly fond of drawing on her, and almost every day there was a new design on her body, which was photographed from all angles, and then ruthlessly washed into the sea.
She was excited from drawing, and then eagerly caught my caresses – but there were no more confusions like the first time.
Lovers of new sensations, too, quickly fell behind me, all but one.
It was the most spectacular girl of the “Fox” (after my wife, of course) – a stately, long-legged, with long reddish-golden curls and crazy eyes of the “child of nature.”
She walked in wreaths of grasses, flowers and algae, girdled around a wormwood naked body, and danced in the evenings around the fire to the tune of my wife.
She was beautiful tart, salty beauty of the sea and the south, and really looked like a wild chanterelle.
She was not more than 20 years old.
Her name was Angela.
And this Angela firmly fell on me. Lesbian caught on spy cam.

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