Lindabrite livejasmin.

Lindabrite livejasmin.
He resisted for real, was not given, I only have a baton, handcuffs and a wristband.
Once he proposed several variants of the game, one of them (I understood that it was precisely what he wanted) – “Revenge”.

He is the boss, I am the secretary, I serve him tea, and he is always dissatisfied.
One day the cup overflows and I “care for” it over the whole form.
The game is not bad, ”I told him,“ it really does.
But I would like to play from the moment of revenge.
But it will not be real, – he was not seriously upset.
Why? I really get mad at you, believe me, for me it will not be any difficulty.
He was silent.
Then I explained to him.
That I am the Lady not only in a sexual context.
If I was a waitress, I would be fired the very first day.
I would have spilled coffee on someone’s head for not addressing me correctly enough.
There was another case – I worked as an assistant manager manager.
Once he asked to print and bring the paper.
I brought, but decided that my legs in the office will not.
Apparently, this was reflected in my facial expression, because from that day he himself printed out papers for me, poured coffee and brought lunch, without any “harassment”, purely from the heart.
It always has been.
I did not ask for anything, men always did what I pleased.
I explained to him that I couldn’t even imagine in the form of a game, that I was submitting something, even for double payment of a session.

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Why am I doing this? Even in order to put the slave in place, I would not have knelt and would not have told him “lord.”
If I were a slave, I would not be shy about my desires and, by manipulating the upper ones, I would have fun.
But this is not, and I use other methods.
And in terms of punishment for him, I would choose one thing, but tough.
For example, scat or other.
humiliation with

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girlfriends or another man.
One tough punishment, in various variations, which I would savor relish, would cost a dozen different ones. ”
“I love pedicure! You do not practice? But you have not changed internally! This is the main thing! You are the Mistress of life! Why you, and not other practitioners domino? Frankly: I do not know! A man can not always understand why he beckons to one woman and he does not notice other beauties.
In my opinion, although I may be mistaken, it was decisive that the intellectual Femdom shines in you with a photo.
And smart Lady is such a rarity !! As the real mistress in general.
So much cheap fakes and banal stencils.
Lash and high heel – this is not Femdom. ”
What to regret? What is left below? This is ridiculous! A pitiful sight: debts, taxes, rent, civil suits, divorces, calculation marriages, inflation, wholesale prices, loans, fictitious marriages, debts again, privatization, monetization, utilities, double-entry bookkeeping, zhlobstvo, officials, rudeness, visa, penalty, protocols, insurance, summons, lawyers, again debts, advances, salary until a new payday.
And what about us? We have a flight.
Flight Deviator! “I can humiliate with a non-slang word, and it will be more painful.
Or how I behave with her.
For example, I say: Show your breast.
Then I caress her, kiss, bite; hurt – and then hurt, making you look all the time and smile. Lindabrite livejasmin.

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