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I walked around the table, pulled Polina by the legs to the middle of the table

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and spread them wide.
Her beautiful wet overexcited cunt beckoned me more than a drug.
Neat lye was left in the past, her labia were filled with blood and pulsed, the tip of the clitoris popped out, she constantly moaned and twitched.

I took my dick and ran her pussy from top to bottom, from the clitoris to the ring of the anus, then back.
Fields moaned and breathed heavily.
Losing a bit of the clitoris head, I pressed the member to her vagina and led him down.
After a moment, I entered it like clockwork and the walls of the vagina tightly wrapped my cock.
I finally fuck her! I was dizzy and I began to fuck her pussy with powerful jerks, each time driving her cock up to the very eggs.
Polina jerked, screamed, wheezed, but I heard nothing.
I firmly held her hips, pressing her to the table, and continued to fuck.
Two minutes later I shouted loudly and, without stopping the frictions, began to stop.
Sperm poured out of me for another seven or eight two! izhiyeny.
Finally the stream dried up, the member went limp and slipped out of Polina.
Immediately behind him poured a stream of sperm, flooded her anus and a table.
Polina was shaking and wheezing, sometimes alternating with a wheeze moaning.
I was wobbling.
I walked around the table and walked over to Polina’s face – Lick! Focusing in some way, Polina opened her mouth and, barely turning her tongue, began to lick the sperm from my cock.
I admired the fucked and finished girl I wanted for so long.
And finally, I fucked her – Page! – Yes, Master? Victor, watching our fucking from a distance, jumped to me.
– To lick her crotch and take in the shower Victor obediently began to lick the sperm between Polina’s legs.
After a couple of minutes, there was almost no sperm left, and Polina was able to somehow get up on trembling and bending legs.

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He grabbed her shoulders, Victor led her into the shower.
I went to the tied Dashuta, stroked her chest and ran my hands into her hair – Finally, I fucked her
It was already getting dark outside the window when the lock clicked and the tired Alyn’s tiredly loaded bags opened the door.
“So the money earned from my costumes went to her new clothes, the circulation of junk in nature is right,” I thought indifferently, confidently snapping heels to her.
All day I trained in balance and walk on these combed heels.
I would not have made a wheel, but I ran a hundred-meter mark.
I look practiced, – she estimated appreciatively indifferently having seen my walk.
Yes, Madam, – I made an awkward curtsy.
Well, once again you will fall – I will lose the power of speech for three days, then six, and so on, ”she nodded wearily, abandoning the packages at the door.
– Get dressed, there are still packages in the car.
I quickly threw on my raincoat and followed the mistress.
And it was clear to the fool that the purpose of this assignment was to test learned skills.
Trying to moderately erotic wagging my ass (I was training in front of the mirror!), I went ahead, feeling the hard look of Alena on my head.
I had the sense not to use the elevator, it was working now or not.
It was important to show what I learned during her absence.
However, Alena was smart enough to use it.
And yes, he worked.
Quietly swearing, I went down five floors like a fool, trying not to repeat the sad experience of the past.
Now it worked out much better, and without the bags it’s also safer.
On the third floor, I crossed with a short middle-aged lady holding a white lap dog.
She stood waiting for the elevator and hearing my steps, glanced at me from head to toe with an interested look.
Her interest was clear to me – girls with my appearance, or rather skin color, not frequent visitors of our city.
But because of this couple, I almost repeated my flight again.
Lap dog
This little dog gave off a wondrous scent, from which my head almost went round.
I barely managed to grab onto the perilla.
As if sniffing my sudden illness, the damned mongrel began to bark at me vomiting free from the hands of the lady.
It was only when they disappeared into the elevator that approached me that I felt a little better.
Relying on the railing and catching my breath, I continued my descent fearing to annoy Alain with my sluggishness.
The fresh evening air cheered me up a little and helped ventilate my brains, banishing the intoxicating stench.
The street was so fresh and good that I involuntarily lingered at the porch enjoying the expanse, like a little child.
The walls of the once my flat, which has now become my dungeon, are already pretty fed up with me and mercilessly put pressure on the psyche. Live cam dog sex.

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