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I could not speak.
I could only look at you, listen to you, touch you and not believe my happiness.
To the fact that you have me.

I love you.
Everything is in you.

Your smell, your voice, your shadow.
Remember you said that you need to go somewhere, I replied that I will wait for you.
You asked if this was true and said that no one ever waited for you anywhere.
I waited for you.
And I am still waiting.
I just can’t wait for you.
I believe that someday things will change.
I’ll change.
For you I will change.
So that you know that I am she, that one.
What are you waiting for me too.
And you will realize that you have waited for you to come to your happiness.
I really want to make you happy.
I want to see your sincere smile.
Do you want me to give you a son? I have never spoken such words to any person.
I swear
You know, now that you’re not with me.
I can watch your photo for hours.
In your eyes.
Sometimes it seems to me that you look from the photo directly at me, into my soul.
You look at it, you study it.
You understand perfectly well that I will not call you, bother you.

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I will love you silently.
And I will make myself so

Got out.
Damn, everything.
What did she lack? Money was not transferred.
Flowers gave, well, maybe not so often.
Brunettes gave, shmotie.
Gone bitch.
Lord, what to do? How to live? HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT IT? Without her greedy mouth, swollen lips, smooth and elastic ass ?.
How can you live without her jokes and banter? How? As she cooked, just stuck out from her dumplings.
And the cakes.
How to live without her helpless children’s eyes? Gone !!! What to do?! She left !.

It was a hot summer 17.
In the east, the dawn was just beginning to glow, painting the edge of the horizon in coral shades, and in the palace the commotion began a few hours before dawn, with the first trills of morning birds, foreshadowing the rising sun.
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