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Without having received answers to his questions, Sasha raised the glass and gave it through

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the gases.
Yes, he already knew where to go, and stopped only to boast, well, to humiliate me.
– Do you like it, slut? – He patted me on the bulging ass.

– Yeah.
And what else could I answer with a member in my mouth.
– Okay, enough to suck, sit down normally.
While I was in a normal position on the seat, Sanya told me that in half an hour there would be a good cafe and we would stop for a snack.
All these thirty minutes, we talked about sex.
Sasha knew that besides him I met immediately with my three former classmates.
Sometimes at the same time.
And he was always keenly interested in how these meetings pass.
I had to tell by stroking my wet crotch with my palm.
It is a pity he could not escape from the road, Sana’a usually likes to watch me caressing myself.
In the cafe, I, of course, entered the coat.
And stockings.
Having made the order, Sasha pulled me into the bathroom “wash hands”.
Unexpectedly for me, a bathroom in this cafe would do honor to any restaurant.
Waiting area with soft sofas, separate rooms, not cabins.
everything is clean, smells good.
The room in which my lover dragged me was huge.
The toilet, the sink with a huge mirror, and the chair, even as it were lost in it.
Hands could not be washed, at least immediately.

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My coat was pulled off at once, and as soon as I managed to stand on the sink, a hot hard member burst into my pussy.
Finally! All the time I was traveling in an excited state, and just dreamed that I was finally fucked.
The mirror reflected a luxurious lustful fuck with bitten lip, trying to hold back moans, and with boobs jumping in time with jerks.
Gorgeous view.
And sensations.
Fucks me naked in the toilet at a roadside cafe, a man who didn’t even bother to undress.
Just unzipped his fly, pushed me to the sink, and fucks.
From this thought, I almost finished.
Sasha, feeling my condition, stopped.
He loves to torture me, not allowing me to stop.
With a moan of frustration, I began to try to move myself on the penis, but I got a painful slap on the ass.
I could only bite my lips from annoyance and excitement, but to play with the muscles of the vagina with a member in me.
Sashka baldel, I was angry.
When I was tired, he again began to move slowly in me, but it was no longer that.
Excitement was present, but it was far from an orgasm.
The moment was lost.
After some time, without finishing, Sasha pulled out a member, slapped me once more on the ass, and began to put himself in order.
He has some kind of anomaly in sexual terms, he doesn’t end for a very long time, which is not typical for men.
And since I also love long sex, I like this feature very much.
In general, I focused, peeed with difficulty, put something in order, and we went to eat, and then continued the journey.
Somewhere after another half an hour, we stopped on the road at some bushes.
Sasha threw a coat on me and dragged me into the bushes, where I, for about fifteen minutes, kneeling, sucked him.
At the same time, sometimes young people whistled out of passing cars.
Still, autumn already, part of the leaves flew around, and it is difficult not to guess what the two silhouettes are doing in characteristic poses. Mature cam chaturbate.

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