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Each of his friends understood him and secretly envied himself, imagining himself in his place.
She really drove crazy.
I first saw her at a wedding where I was invited as a guest, where I met his friends.

The grace that emanated from her left no man indifferent.
Even the friends of his father did not find a place for themselves, and the wives had to pull them up.
To say that she was beautiful, this is not enough, she stirred the consciousness, including women.
A friend in love was crazy, and she, too, was burning with happiness.
Such a woman cannot be left alone with her thoughts for a minute, but my friend did not know this.
Those words of love, which she endlessly told him, did not allow to doubt her devotion.
They settled to live in a beautiful house.
Finally, after the wedding, friends had the opportunity to see a friend more often, and even stop by for a visit.
Usually, the guests tried to stay as long as possible, and he did not have the courage to offer them home, but she, bypassing everyone, whisper something in her ear, and everyone left them alone in a whisper.
She never told him that she whispered in everyone’s ear, and this made him torment herself.
He assessed the situation many times, compared himself with his friends, was nervous, and she, seeing this, reassured him and said: “You are the best.”
He perfectly understood that his friends were worthy representatives of the male sex, but she chose him, which means that something outweighed their manhood.
He pondered on this subject for a long time, until his reflections were not confirmed.
There was one great guy among friends, a strong, reliable wife, a great girl, two children.
He could listen to anyone, and if a person needed help, then he provided it, despite the fact that he himself was not in a better position.

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This is all seen and enjoyed, without asking, about his condition.
He came to their house after breakfast, the mood was disgusting, it was clear from him that he was a little drunk.
My wife took her friend by the hand, let me listen to him, and retired to another room, closing the door.
It was here that everything began to turn in his head, he could not find a place for himself.
The only thing that came to mind is to peep what they will do there.
The keyhole helped in this.
The wife stood near the opposite wall, and a friend, covering her with her body, approached her from the side of the door.
“You are so small, you probably have the same small problems, and I am so tired of everything” – he covered her with his body and leaned against the wall.
His wife went downstairs, spreading her knees, and only the metallic sound of the buckle prompted him about what was happening.
He was fascinated at the keyhole, the heat swept through his body when he saw in his wife’s hand, bursting with tension, a member of a friend.
She repeatedly, to the ground, launched him into her mouth before

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he grabbed it, and turned it over with a juicy hole to her lips.
She moaned, not letting a member out of her mouth.
A friend madly licked her holes and hips.
What was happening behind the door so excited him that he fired the entire charge, without touching his penis.
He was convulsed, but he could not tear himself away.
A friend, continued to enjoy the juices of his wife, and the tender neck, in which his huge penis was sinking.
It seemed that there would be no end to it, she was moaning and he could not hold on to his emotions.
Her ass was all wet, but he didn’t let her go.
After enjoying enough, he took her by the waist, turned her over, lifted her above himself, and planted her hole to the very root.
Her eyes, they became so, when pleasure bordered on a swoon.
And so it happened, he saw it in the keyhole, and a friend with a violent desire continued to stick it on his penis, stretching it to the limit, until he also realized that he was disconnected.
He sat down on the windowsill, pressed her to himself and began to kiss his lips, neck, hair, then pulled out of her huge wet cock and put it on the ass.
The plate that covers the keyhole was already completely wet with sweat.
He never even allowed to offer her about this, and a friend, without offering, already pushed the head into its narrow hole.
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