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I stood red with shame.
After 3 minutes, she brought three overalls and four pairs of stockings.
By her appearance it was clear that the smile was played out.

What will you choose? Kapron, of course, is uncomfortable with the net, and traces remain from it.
At first I measured stockings with a patterned elastic band.
Looking in the mirror looked like a prostitute on the panel, but for a house with a long skirt would be fine.
Taking off her stockings and skirt, she tried on the jumpsuit.
Intimate places were really open, but felt more secure in it.
Wearing a skirt on him, I even liked it.
Then I saw that Natalya was looking into the room by opening the curtain.
I was all huddled.
She invited the girl for value outfit.
The girl as she saw me immediately uttered the word “fools”.
This word struck me, I immediately turned away from her and began to wear a blouse, but Natalia stopped me.
Wear a jacket and boots.
I thought a little that the jacket covered my breasts, and the jumpsuit was just above the breasts and gave a sense of security.
I agreed with Natalia.
Having dressed, we left the fitting room.
The paint from the face had not gone, the heart was beating with shame.
We paid and left this section.
Let’s walk for 2-3 hours, show you the rest of the section, then have a snack.
I agreed.
About an hour could not calm down with shame.
Heart pounding.
Never in such damn clothes I went to public places.
Natalya, feeling that I had moved away from stress, brought me to the section “Hunting and Fishing”.
My heart was pounding again. Nude triplet belly pregnant webcam show.

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