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Inside the monastery is quiet and cozy.
In one of the rooms is a small fireplace.
The low crash of firewood is heard.

At the fireplace in the chair sits the holy father, he recently embarked on his way.
His rest and peace was interrupted by the quiet creaking of the opening doors.
“Holy Father, Vladyka wishes to see you” – “Well, I’ll come up now,” the priest answered wearily.
Vladyka was waiting for him in a large library.
There were many rare books.
In the middle of the room was a huge oak table.
The lord sat behind him: “Greetings.
I have a business for you.
The other day the witch was caught, a young girl.
I want you to interrogate her, well, and if it works out, he sent the righteous one to the path ”-“ I can try ”-“ Well, she is now in the garden house, here are the keys, how you are set up – you can start ”It was already dark.
The young priest decided to walk to the house where the witch was sitting in a dungeon.
The house was located near the monastery itself.
He was surrounded by fruit trees and a meadow with wild flowers.
In the middle of the clearing was a non-working fountain.
He was overgrown with some kind of lichen and covered with cobwebs.

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From there from time to time there was a croaking of toad.
The priest went to the window and looked into it.
The room was twilight.
On the table a candle burned wistfully, not opposite, the witch was sitting on a chair, her red head down.
She was so fragile, mysterious, that the priest was torn by curiosity and he decided to enter.
Upon hearing that the door had opened, the witch abruptly turned around and looked at the silhouette of the priest with frightened eyes.
He took a few steps forward, now the light of the candlelight illuminated him slightly.
“Hello,” the witch said softly, her fear evaporated and she smiled sweetly.
Pleasant goosebumps ran through the body of the priest, he hesitated a little and just nodded in response, then sat down on the edge of the bed.
“A good place was chosen,” the witch said teasingly and smiled even wider, revealing her fair teeth.
She had already caught the slight excitement of the priest and sat down next to him, lightly touching his hand.
She stared into the priest’s gray eyes, listening to his breathing and heartbeat.
The young man fell into a stupor for a couple of minutes and also kept his eyes off the girl: “Devilish good!” – flashed through his mind and he immediately dropped these thoughts, trying to suppress his sense of lust.
“Do not torture yourself, holy father” – the witch ran a hand over the

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priest’s cheek, then his ear and quickly kissed her lobe.
The priest closed his eyes: “Damn, what am I doing?” – he hugged the little witch, pulled him close to him.
The witch smelled pleasantly, her scent clouded his brain, and her trembling drove insane. Online sex online.

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