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One of them turned out to be something that made me stay up all night without coffee.
The cell on the first floor showed some kind of figure resembling a girl in a frank outfit, she looked like, as for me, to some kind of punky subculturer.
In her hands she had a cardboard box, not very heavy, as it seemed to me.

I began to observe her actions.
But literally a dozen seconds later she disappeared into one of the premises of the store, where the cameras could not look.
Taking with me a shocker, I quietly walked out of my room in the direction of the storeroom, where the intruder was hiding.
As I snuck, a light came on in the store room, which was just in my hand.
Out of the darkness, I could watch for a long time what is happening in the light, because as you know, the eyes of those who look out of the light into the dark cannot see anything there.
Sitting down opposite to the entrance to the storeroom wall, I began to stare inside the room.
The first thing that appeared in front of me was the offender with

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her back with two white pigtails wearing a topic and very short denim shorts.
Her legs were stretched stockings, and on one leg in a fishnet, and on the other foam, but in some places torn.
She was shod in pink shoes with a considerable heel.
Her whole image conveyed the impression that she somehow relates to a subculture.
She leaned over, putting the box on the floor, then sat down, opening it at the beginning of something in it to look out.
From the darkness of the light, it was possible to clearly see her body, wide hips, elastic, not small ass for such a body, narrow shoulders and a slender waist.
While nothing illegal happened, well, apart from penetrating the protected area, I continued to sit and watch.
She got something out of the box and set it in front of her.
It was a vial with some kind of liquid.

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Then she got up, straightened up and began to take off the topic.
While she turned, doing this, I managed to see her small breasts and pretty rosy face, although with such makeup she looked more like a Barbie doll.
The topic was already lying on the floor and apparently it was time for the shorts.
At first I did not quite realize, but when the shorts were already lying on the floor, I realized that it was not exactly a girl, she had a member between her legs.
I was stunned by what I saw, such a figure, face, bosom, and suddenly you, member.
While I came to my senses, my intruder already took a vial from the floor and squeezed some of its contents into his hand.
Smearing the oil all over his hand, he began to shove his finger into the anus, first with one finger, with the second hand taking the buttock aside, then the second.
The awareness of the situation returned to me at the moment when her, and I decided that I would treat my offender as a girl, a third finger entered her ass.
Sticking her fingers to full depth and returning them to their original position, she forced her anus to become softer.
There was a sound of squelching oil inside.
After a little shake-up, she began to expand her fingers, thus expanding her hole.
As I noticed, a member of her at that time already stood up.
I practically didn’t look at my face, as I wasn’t visible, the intruder kept her back to me.
After a short warm-up, the offender got a good-sized butt plug and slowly began to introduce her into her designed ass.
During this, she was already turned sideways on me.
The member was practically hidden between her legs in such a way and it seemed that in front of me was a young girl.
Now I could see her face, which resembled the face of a person unwrapping a wrapper of a long-awaited gift, a face filled with anticipation of future pleasure.
The cork entered, firmly locking in, and my offender breathed a little from pleasure, stretching her lips into a tube.
Not to say that it did not excite me, but I saw this for the first time, and even in such an environment.
Of course, I held myself in hand and would not rush to twist it and take an active part in its games, but I liked to sit and watch it.
Meanwhile, having twisted her booty, patting herself on the buttocks, which were partly in oil, she took out a long red dildo on the suction cup.
Attaching it to the tile on the wall at the level of her own member, she sat down a couple of times, apparently experiencing some special pleasure with these squats, which gives her a cork in the pope.
I thought she would sit on it, pulling out the cork, but no, she began to take it in her mouth.
The view was such that I could see how she does it only from the side, but I had a desire to see it from all sides. Private webcams naked teens.

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