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Aunt Lena almost immediately went to bed and we sat three of us.
Uncle Vasya came straight out of saliva, looking at my wife and seeing how her gorgeous breast swayed under a thin cloth.
I decided to play along with them and after drinking a glass, I began to pretend that I was very drunk, to say something out of place and finally fell asleep at the table.

Seeing such a picture, my wife raised me and led me to the sofa on which we should sleep.
I fell on the sofa, she stooped and began to undress me, and then suddenly stood up sharply.
I look, it was Vasya who came up from behind and put his hand between her legs, and the other began to stroke her bare ass.
His wife began to whisper to him so that he removed his hand, to escape, but then I began to pull myself off my clothes and my wife had to bend down again to help me.
Vasya again began to paw her from behind.
She already seeing that it was useless to argue with him did not pay attention to this, and finally undressed me and put me to bed.
I thought they would come out now and uncle Vasya somewhere would fill her up.
But he right in our room pressed her against the wall, unbuttoned her robe and began to caress.
The wife began to ask:
All woke up around three.
We had lunch.
We began to gather, I could not find my panties.
Looking for the whole company.
I already spat and put on a dress like that, went into the bath to clean up the face.
Antosha came.
– Natul, can I keep them for myself? – Here you are concerned !.
– (he reminded me of Andrew, and why do they all so like my underwear?).
– you that hid them ?.
And what did not say when we were looking for them? – I do not know, probably, it was a shame to speak ?! – Take it !.
have to go without panties.
He came close to me from behind, began to kiss the shoulders, neck.

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“You’re bothering me! I just looked up.”
– I want to kiss you! – You already kissed! – Not this way!.
I want to really! I turned turned the lips to him.
– So? “Yes! The kiss dragged on, his hand quickly turned out to be under my short dress.”
Fingers touched the lips.
– So all Antosha, that’s enough !.
You will scout for me now, and I’m without panties! – Natul.
And I want you!.
I quickly.
the last time! (Damn! I knew that it would all end!) – No Antosha !.
let’s finish it! I apparently said so sharply and seriously that he even moved away from me.

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Having finished with the face, I left the bath.
Saying goodbye, exchanged phone numbers, e-mails.
They called a taxi.
Phoned to Andrew, as we expected they were all on the beach outside the city.
Having learned that we are going to go home now, they said, wait, we will come to say goodbye soon.
This one especially did not want Natasha.
To leave, of course, laziness.
Rest is over.
I still imagine that you need to plow almost 800 km by car.
Natasha collects all our things.
I went to see what changed during our absence of two nights.
Ira and Sergey had, as always, a relative order.
But Katya and Andrey had a real mess.
To their scattered things were added the things of their friends.
Apparently here, too, did not waste time in vain.
On the table are bottles of wine, the bed is all upside down.
It is a pity that we are leaving, it was still possible to fuck up.
Houses will be boring.
Come back to us.
– What are you wearing the road? – Shorts, T-shirt.
– I, too.
Change clothes.
I admire naked wife! What is her fresh, healthy, tanned seductive look.
But there are still memories that bother me.
– Natulechka, and maybe on the track you will give me your kisyulechka to be torn apart! – No, bunny, baby cat no longer wants !.
I’m already on the road.
I especially do not want to argue, and to fuck too.
Natasha is right, thoughts of the road are already capturing me.
Voices are heard, the guys have arrived.
“Hello, lost! With great joy, we exchange greetings and kisses.”
We get acquainted with Tanya and Boreas.
Very nice guys.
Everyone is chattering, trying to persuade us not to leave today, but to go tomorrow.
No, tomorrow I have to go to work.
Tanya burned in the sun, red like cancer.
All sympathize with her, tomorrow will be hard for her.
Natasha offers her Aloe cream, explains that she will not get sick and the fever will subside.
Everyone goes to the kitchen, except for Tanya and Natasha, who is looking for cleaned cream in her bag. Real sex hbo episodes watch online free.

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