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It was obvious.
I wanted to say “Can I make you a company?”, But forgot how.
On her face it was written that he really did not mind.

It was necessary only not to disappoint her.
All the time until that moment I could not take my eyes off her face, so much it beckoned me.
Just now I decided to look at her body.
She was not tall, somewhere 160 centimeters and thin physique, like most Japanese women.
She was wearing a white sundress to the knees, and on top of it was a light denim vest.
On her feet were light white shoes, on which she just floated.
Natsumi was a brunette, like most Japanese women.
Her hair was medium length – up to her shoulders and smelled gently.
She had a small chest – something between the second and third size.
It was difficult to determine, but I did not try.

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With every second I fell in love with this girl more and more, and with every second I was more painful because I most likely would never see her again.
We walked along the Arbat for an hour and a half.
I, as I could, tried to tell her in broken English about Moscow and its inhabitants.
I hoped that at least half of my words did not pass by her ears, as unnecessary information.
After Arbat, I suggested she visit the Kremlin.
Natsumi agreed, to which I was just overjoyed.
My dream came true on the eyes, I was walking with a real Japanese woman who was just beautiful.
When the day came to an end, I asked what hotel she lived in to spend it.
She allowed it again – I almost burst into tears at the happiness that had fallen on me.
Hearing this, I simply lost the power of speech.

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It was terrible.
I looked at Natsumi as something I don’t want to lose, but I couldn’t do anything.
This moment made me want to grab her and marry me right now.
Her little lips started beckoning mine, but I realized that you can’t kiss a stranger foreigner right now.
All I had to do was stand in sadness like a statue.
Thank you, God, ”I said quietly, feeling a great relief.
(Of course) – I said.
For the next six months, we corresponded by mail and communicated via Skype.
I was glad to such communication.
We told each other about our lives and exchanged photos.
Each photo woke me a beast, I was ready to drag her to my home through the monitor screen.
But one day I really believed it.
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