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Zhenya nodded in confusion.
Sasha hurried off.
He was excited, perhaps for the first time in his new life.

He was afraid to call himself, was afraid to reveal his secret and the secret of Zhenya, but still hoped that in some surprising way all these riddles would find their happy solution.
The next day, in the director’s office, Sasha again saw Zhenya dressed in a dress of even more defiant length.
– Here, Alexandra, I present you a new employee.
Why? Quite at home, and in a new way, so to speak.
Show her everything, and you can put her on the fourth floor.
What do you think? – Well, Nikolay Vasilyevich, I will be engaged in it now.
Mimi, let’s go.
Zhenya dutifully tapped his heels after Sasha.
They went through all the floors, all the back streets; Zhenya just nodded his head in response to Sasha’s lecture on the housekeeping, and his hair was spilling over his shoulders, as if the sheaf of barley had accidentally untied it.
“Well, Mimi, here you will work,” said Sasha, staying on the fourth floor.
– Thanks you.
– Eugene lowered his shoulders, his shoulders sharply stuck up, almost completely bare legs trembling.
– In general, all my maids call me Sasha.
– Sasha? I had a childhood friend, Sasha, studied in the same class until he disappeared.
– It’s me.
Zhenya looked incredulously into Sasha’s eyes, trying to understand this joke.
Sasha thought how beautiful are the matte shoulders, interrupted by beige straps, in order to transform into attractive clavicles, as if they were really curved keys to a door to a distant garden.
He said slowly: “In a career in the winter in the fourth grade, when we were skiing together during the winter holidays, the big boys caught us and made us suck dick.”

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I agreed, and you did not, and you were beaten.
Eugene paled even more, then suddenly blushed.
Tears flashed in his eyes, he quickly turned to the window.
The corridor was empty.
– I because of you and did not want to suck, so that you had someone to be friends with.
Although then I had to study the introduction to linguistics, as you see.
– Eugene with a burning gaze turned to Sasha, his masquerade chest fluttered.
– A German, Herr Wetterbok, he was so courting me, so he invited me to massage to his house.
Well, seduced, deprived of virginity; more precisely, masculinity.
How enchanted, old herr.
After him, I can’t take a girlfriend off, as it stuck to me, after each client I only buy new dresses and new dresses.
There is no desire with women.
Who are you? Sasha told about Sukashima.
– Oh, and do not tell, girlfriend, I want to cry.
– Zhenya embraced Sasha as if slightly, but Zhenya’s desire to immediately touch and secretly was passed

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on to him immediately.
Eugene’s fingertips slipped under Sasha’s chest, immediately transfixed.
– What are you, real? Sasha sighed: – Well, to whom have I just told all this? Sasha took Zhenya’s hand and put it between his legs.
Eugene recoiled with bulging eyes; Sasha felt sorry for him: “Okay, Mimi, I was joking, I didn’t know you until yesterday’s market.”
All day everything was falling out of Sasha’s hands.
Going into the farthest toilet at midnight, he closed and burst into tears.
Yet he was glad that the Sukashima curse did not work this time; he decided to continue to be more circumspect.
In the corridor he was met by pale Zhenya: – Sasha, I have a room until the morning free, let’s go sit, shall we? Sasha smiled through power: “You quickly settled into a new place.”
They sat down at different corners of the room without lighting the chandelier.
Zhenya began: – I thought all day.
I thought.
I have to check you out.
It can not be that you could learn about such details of our friendship.
Sasha patiently answered questions from Zheng, squeezing his legs with all his might, hugging his knees with his palms.
He was afraid to admit to himself that Zhenya was concerned about him. Watch hbo real sex online free.

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