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No reaction followed.
Having decided, I again with two fingers, barely breathing, touched the nipple that emerged from the bra.
Everything was quiet.

Emboldened, I just squeezed it and twisted.
Again he began to harden under my fingers and became bigger.
Ladushka I tried to cover the entire chest.
Where there, she was much bigger than my hand.
To the touch it was warm and smooth! Slightly pressing her, I realized that she was also very soft.
Trembling, I began to gently knead my chest with my hand, while the other automatically stretched to the second chest.
But to get it out of the bra did not work.
I was afraid to crush, and a blouse was overlapping through a cup of her bra and crushed her chest.
But even this touch to the bra was for me a “revelation.”
My cock brashly stood poking out of his panties.
So I stood bending over, stroking one breast through the fabric of the bra, and the other gently flexing and twisting the nipple.
Even through the stiff fabric, I felt the second nipple begin to harden! The desire to hold both breasts in my hands overcame caution, and I began to unbutton the remnants of the buttons on my blouse.
Hands were shaking, fingers were like wood, there was not enough air.
But he did it! Throwing the floor blouses began to unbutton her bra.
That was hard! I had to shove my right hand under my blouse behind my back and unhook the hooks by touch.
At this point, I did not seem to breathe.
I was afraid to wake up “sleeping”.
But here and this barrier behind.
Gently pulling the cups of her bra, I will slide it up to the neck.
Both hemispheres were freed from the “captivity” of hard material and sprawled gently on the body.

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The size of the breasts, as I now think, was no less than the third.
Then they seemed to me huge.
They were hanging slightly to the sides and their brown nipples crowning their shoulders were defiantly sticking up like swollen raisins.
Looking at the sleeping one

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more time, I put my palms on my chest, twisting my nipples with my thumb and index finger.
They hardened even more, and Aunt Valya groaned, scaring me to death! Honestly, I thought I hurt her.
Letting go of my chest, I froze.
But nothing else happened.
Then I switched to the stomach.
Smoothing it, I lowered my hands below.
Here I run them on the belt, on the panties.
Slightly lingered on a cotton-covered pubic.
Carefully smoothed out the black hairs out of them.
All this was done carefully, just with your fingertips.
Hands automatically moved on.
They seemed to live on their own.
The brain gave them a task, and it seemed without my participation, and they carried it out.
They moved, touched, determined the texture of the fabric, the smoothness and warmth of the skin, and the brain remembered it.
It was as if I looked at it from the outside, it seems not even breathing.
While I came to my senses my hands went down to her knees and began to pull off the skirt.
Along with her and one stocking starred.
I threw off the things I threw on the headboard.
And the hands, living their lives, were already stroking the inner side of the thighs and the crotch, covered with blue cloth.
Under it stood out in relief two rollers of the labia and a soft knob of pubic vegetation.
When I ran my finger between the rollers of the sponges, and felt their elasticity and warmth through the material, I was “let go”.
I pulled back my hands.
I was scared with my insolence and shamelessness.
I waited for “thunder and lightning” on my head.
But nothing happened! To those who track the behavior of adolescents, it seemed it was not up to me! There was utter silence, and only a quiet snuffling of Aunt Vali and my staccato breathing.
What are the distant voices outside the window.
From the kitchen came the muffled sounds of cars passing somewhere.
All this calmed me and gave me courage.
I already patched her crotch more knittedly, lips rollers, and began to delay the side gum of the bottoms. Web nude cam.

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