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A couple of times they invited us to parties that were extremely boring and decorous, because the public gathered for their respective interests, again, doggy, as you know, everything is good in moderation, during mass communication I want to talk not only about animals.
Once, during one of these quarters (by analogy with gatherings), we met an interesting married couple.
They approached us immediately after the owner of the house introduced us to each other.

Paul-tall, slender, very dark, like a mulatto, Italian attracted me immediately with her unusually erotic, unusual for such a party, dress.
It revealed almost everything that is usually hidden.
When her thin, long fingers were in my palm, I felt an extraordinary excitement, she looked me straight in the eyes and, opening her fingers, slightly ran them over mine.
Mike’s handshake, the name of her husband, was short and strong.
Mike was a short, firmly built, completely bald, looking a little like an actor Sukhorukov, an American.
Soon we were sitting in a cozy gazebo four, leaving the company in the house.
Mike used to serve in the American navy and knew a few Russian words, the stock of which I proudly demonstrated here.
Then the conversation turned to the dogs, after which Mike went back to the house to fill his glass.
Suddenly, I felt a touch on my leg at the same time as Paul’s gaze.
I was immediately thrown into a fever, my spouse was sitting next to me and the fear of her reaction was stronger.
Our relationship was in the routine state, normal for a little tired, but loving spouses.
And our sexual life, devoid of special romance, 2-3 times a week, did not promise us any surprises.
My spouse is by nature a “ending”, my every second movement in her causes a violent orgasm, accompanied by a lilac groan.

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Therefore, we did not look for any new heights in our sex, satisfaction was achieved easily.
When she got tired, she used only two of us to know the known points of my body, the touch of which instantly caused my eruption to touch her hands.
Throughout our family life, I never thought about other women, although I survived a rather tumultuous adventure of youth.
And then a young, beautiful woman renders me signs right in the presence of my wife.
Paul’s leg was removed, seeing my confusion, and I immediately went to get a new drink for myself and my wife.
Returning, I found that Mike was already sitting at a table, talking on a cell phone, and my wife was having a lively conversation with Paula.
The conversation was about the tender relationship of two Hollywood actresses, and I was not interested.
I began to frantically search for the reason for such attention of Paula to his person.
Regarding my personality, I was not deceived, being ordinary, at the age of Christ, slightly immured by immigrant life.
What then? The answer was not found, and soon I was involved in a table chatter.
Suddenly, my wife’s unusually flushed face caught my eye.
Following naitiyu, I looked down under the table and saw the hand of Paula lying on the knee of my wife.
Mike, seeing my confusion, suggested that I go with him for another batch of potion.
Filling capacity, he began to say that Paula is showing an increased interest in women, that he is positive about this, respecting the wishes of his wife.
But I still felt the touch of Paul to myself, what did it all mean? Listening to Mike in a half-ear, I rushed to guess.
Suddenly we saw our elders approaching us, it turned out that it had

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started to rain and they had to return to the house.
The guests began to leave, Mike and I began to exchange phone numbers, and then suddenly Paul suggested we continue the party at their home, literally two blocks away.
It was inconvenient to refuse, I saw that my wife was interested in all this.
I, too, remained enchanted by Paula, and we drove, following Mike’s car.
They were unusually cozy and comfortable, Mike explained that Paula is a professional designer and the house is completely built and furnished according to her personal taste.
From the living room, sliding glass doors led to an indoor garden, in which a small, oval shape, a swimming pool and, a very small, for four, a bubble bath comfortably settled down.
Mike began to bother with the drinks, Paula pulled out a few small photo albums, all the pictures were devoted to the demonstration of various clothes. Webcam machine anal.

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