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To make sure that Vera Ivanovna did not wake up while I was undressing her, I shook her shoulder from the beginning, then shook her thoroughly, and then, for certainty, I even punched a small slap in the face.
Only my last actions caused at least some reaction from her side – she mumbled something and turned over on her side.
Well, let’s get started.

While she was lying on her side, I easily got to the zipper on her skirt, unzipped it and pulled it off.
Then I pulled off her jacket.
He turned her on her back and unbuttoned and pulled off her blouse.
Now she lay in front of me half-naked.
White lace bra, black tights and white lace panties under them.
And although I understood very well that, compared to me, she was an old woman, and it really suits me only as a grandmother, but my member demanded another, especially after it did not work out with Svetka.
In order not to be excited further I covered her with a blanket and went to the exit.
I stopped in the doorway of the room and looked round.
She slept completely without paying attention to all manipulations with her.
“Eh, was – was not” – I decided and returned again to the bed.
I put my hand under the blanket and stroked her belly, then ran my hand over her pubis and even pressed my finger to her bosom.
No reaction.
I threw the blanket back a little, just enough to bare my chest.

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Due to the fact that she was lying on her back, her breasts lost their shape and flowed out a little from under her bra.
Carefully, fearing to wake, I turned her over on her side, undid the hooks, and then, also carefully, turned her back on her back.
I stretched her arms along the

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body and pulled off her bra.
White, covered with stretch marks and vascular pattern, her half-empty breasts, parted to the sides.
The first thing that struck me was the size of her nipples.
The nipple halo took about a third of the breast in size and was as big as a small saucer.
It all crowned pale pink nipple the size of the phalanx of my little finger.
From the beginning with one hand, and then with two, I began to stroke and knead her breasts.
I pressed the nipples inwards, then putting both breasts together, rubbed them between the nipples.
The temples bled more and more.
Having played enough with her breasts, I decided to pay attention to her bottom.
Without throwing off the blankets, I ran my hands under her gum pantyhose and underwear and, as far as possible, squeezed down.
Under my fingers were the curls of her hair.
Slightly stroking the pubis, I put my hands between my legs, and after a second I felt her lips.
Carefully, God forbid, not to wake up, I spread her petals and got a finger inside.
If someone had told me that I would ever touch Vera Ivanovna, I would have laughed before losing my pulse.
We must come up, I and our Cobra, die or stand up.
And now I’m picking at her pussy and even feel excited about it.
I tried to push the second finger into her bosom, but the tight gum on her shorts did not allow me to move freely.
Then I threw the blanket and began to strip off her tights and panties.
First one, and then almost immediately the second, bummed the arrows on her tights, but I still could not remove them. Wonder woman webcam anal.

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