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Good, – Irina nodded.
Great! Okay, let’s go, I will show you one cafe, right here, cheap and tasty! And most importantly, few people.
The cafe really turned out to be called “around the corner.”

The girls ordered lunch and sat by the window.
Sveta slowly pulled out her cigarettes and said: Well, come on, ask.
On your face I see you have a lot of questions.
Irina nodded in embarrassment: Yes, I would like to know more about the company, what it does, and there is all that.
I’ll start in order.
The firm “Alexander and K” is engaged in analytics in the field of banking and consulting services.
That is, we make forecasts for the securities markets, real estate, raw materials, etc.
Customers – large banks, commodity holdings, the Moscow government, for example.
In addition, the company is engaged in the purchase and sale of real estate in Moscow and regions, the provision of legal services, investment activities.
In general, everyone where you can earn good money.
Irina nodded: Yes, Sergey Vladimirovich told me so.
Sveta grinned: The boss is the cleverest man, albeit with strange things.
Oddities? Yes, I did not seem to notice! Sveta shrugged her shoulders: Well, then you will notice.
By the way, how much did you get? Fifteen hundred euros.
Come on! These are just flowers.
For example, I get two three hundred.
You will work well, you will receive as much.
Irina looked slyly at Svetlana: Only work? She grinned: I see you are insightful! Yes, and behave well with the boss! Irina nodded her head knowingly.
Work in the company really liked Irina.
Especially liked the fact that no one stood, what is called “above the soul.”
She really had to make quite responsible decisions herself, meet clients, make analytical reviews in various branches of the banking business, real estate operations, etc.

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Her immediate boss, if it could be so called, was the chief economist Oleg Petrovich.
He was a rather handsome man, slightly younger than his director, and, moreover, a brilliant specialist.
He immediately made it clear to Irina that he was not going to interfere in her work, but asked him to submit a weekly report to him.
Chief accountant and sales director Irina saw only a few times.
From her friends at work, she learned that all four are graduates of the Government Academy and have great connections in the Government of Moscow and the State Duma.
All four were enough.
young, cute and, which was a bit surprising to Irina, are absolutely indifferent to their employees as women! From Sveta she also learned that all four are not married, but have mistresses.
Talking about this, Sveta somehow changed slightly in her voice, but Irina did not attach any importance to this.
Having received the first payday, Irina decided to arrange a small small party.
She invited Sveta, Luba and Olya to a small, but cozy restaurant.
The girls peacefully sat for a couple of hours, drinking a bottle of “Chianti” under fried trout, frayed for life and quietly went home.
Arriving home, Irina took a shower and dove under the covers.
And in the morning there was a trouble! With difficulty to open her eyes, Irina looked at her watch and the remnants of sleep flew off from her as if they were blown away by a hurricane.
It was already half past eight on the dial and, considering that the company started working at nine, and it was at least half an hour to get there, the delay was predetermined.
Jumping up, as if stung, Irina dressed like a soldier during a combat alarm, did not decorate herself with cosmetics and rushed out of the house.
Unfortunately, everything was against her, as she thought.
In the subway there was a queue for tickets, and I had to spend the extra five minutes.
Then the escalator was driving very slowly! Terribly slowly people got out of the train, and finally, just terribly slowly, the escalator crawled up! In general, the essence of the matter, but when she literally burst into her office, the clock was nine-twenty.
Lyuba and Oli were not there, and the seated Light, with a light echid, reported that she was urgently summoned to the

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Hearing such “pleasant” news, Irina sighed heavily and asked: Light, and Light! So what will happen to me now? Svetka grinned: Go on, you’ll soon find out! All hidden cam sex.

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