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Yes, you look cool, on the ground, in the blood but the hero.
I went to his car, sat down and drove her three meters back.
The men got into the car and drove off.

Sat down to Dima, he has all his face in the blood.
– Can you get up? Nods something like yes.
Something like raised from the ground.
I hung on, led to the office.
– I planted on the sofa, went for the first-aid kit and water.
– Dim, how do you manage to quarrel and fight with everybody and everybody?
– A confluence of circumstances, I wanted to have time to talk with you, I waited while the secretary dumped.
– Well, yes, I see how you waited, and sent the guys to hell with boredom.
– Do not read me notations, and so is not sweet! – Do not yell at me, is to blame

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– Forgive, Olyun.
He took me by the shoulders and hugged me tightly.
I dabbed my shirt with blood, the blood just flowed from my lips and eyebrows.
– Let me first treat you everything here, and then we will hug.
Washed with water, peroxide, began to squeak, it hurts, blew like a little.
– Ol, I wanted to tell you that the day was wrong.
“I know you say that every other day.”

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– I specially came to apologize.
– Well done, apologies accepted.
You want some tea.
– I have whiskey and coke, maybe for a little one? – And how to go home.
– No! – In a sense in any way! In direct.
Not having time to finish, he moved toward me and kissed me.
He kissed me so gently, but I understood that it hurt him very much.
Dimka so it is impossible, I’m married! – I, too! But it is not important.
He kissed me like a bud.
Dimka turned out to be surprisingly gentle to me, he hugged me and pulled me to him, I sat on his lap, or rather I just sat on it with one foot standing on the floor and the other sitting on his lap.
He hugged me around the waist, his kisses were tender, not exactly like one-time sex for sex.
He took me in his arms and carried me to my office, there was a sofa, but he did not plan to use it, putting me on the table, he firmly pulled me to himself, the skirt did not allow me to spread my legs and clasp his legs, he lifted my skirt with both hands now it was visible stockings, more precisely laces from them.
Kisses down the neck.
my shirt was already almost unbuttoned.
He pulled her out of the skirt and began to kiss my chest without removing her bra, the kisses went to the top.
I was tired of sitting and I decided that it was time to remove the excess from him.
I started with a tie, as soon as he realized that I decided to rid him of clothes, his kisses became more impudent.
Having got rid of a tie, I unbuttoned my shirt.
I knew that there were no cubes, but there was no ball either.
Just a belly.
I started to kiss his neck, he bent back, he was clearly pleased.
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