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You put out the light in the room, I suspect why, you do not want me to look into your eyes.
They are so incomprehensible to you.

as you want.
you sit in one part of the room, I am in the other – a peaceful conversation.
You remembered the postcard that I sent you, the inscription in English and the verse in Russian – not at all suitable for the mood then: You’re not mine! I know this. Why you, I love so much, Why do I suffer, suffer, Why do not I correct love? After all, you are not mine? Why should I be destined to love you? Why did I meet you? Just to suffer again? After all, you are not mine? But if you can call you your own, Such happiness is not possible About him, you should not even dream.
Why did you make you love so much in vain? Oh, if you only knew how terrible It is to be not beloved and to love. You stand dreamily on a column.
I walked over and sat close on the chair, so it turned out that my back to you.
your quiet footsteps mixed with the rustle of pants and you are near.
I feel your arms hugging me from behind and my head resting on my shoulder, you whisper to me again: “why? Tell me what’s written there” I deny and feel the touch of your cheek on mine, your even breathing.

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I blush as always, because I have a feeling inside me, and you say how hot I am.
I wonder if you guess at these moments why am I so hot? Your lips, I feel them very close, warm breath and oh God as at this moment I would like you to kiss me !!!! but no.
turn the key in the keyhole – we were prevented and in time it would be time to go home.
A visitor who says something, but we do not hear and just look into each other’s eyes.
– Come here – you call me by name.
Carrying away to the far room and closing the door.
– Tell me what is written there? – your hands are hugging my waist.
– Finally, I hug you! I’ve waited so long for this – you purr clinging to me.
If only you knew what I felt at that moment !!!!!!! You stand warm next to us and we hug, or when you could not think that I would feel that way.
You raise your eyes on me and your lips again whisper to me about the rhino, they are very close to mine, I feel your every breath and exhalation.
You kiss me so tenderly, timidly – but persistently.
– You wanted this? – your question sounds – Yes – wasn’t it apparent to me? Yes, I was just crazy about you.
Why? because it seems to me it is not love? or maybe she? It should be another kiss, then another and another.
My hands hug your waist, pick up a T-shirt and I feel

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your naked body !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To go nuts !!!!!!!! you have nothing but a football shirt under your shirt! I just did not expect this.
It amused you and you laughed merrily.
Further, under the jumpsuit, too, there is nothing, except for panties and socks !!!!!!!!!!! Chaturbate cam hack.

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