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By nature, I am not an evil and affable person, so that relations with neighbors have always been normal.
Periodically he helped neighbors with various issues in computers.
What is there to hide? I’m an admin? Admin! And of course the whole house knows about it.

And once the doorbell rang.
I open it, and on the threshold is my young neighbor Vika with her ten-year-old daughter Dasha.
They literally lived behind the wall in the next apartment.
They settled in the next apartment literally two weeks ago, and apparently only – Hello Alexander.
We did not interfere? – Smiled, said hello to Vick.
– Hello Victoria.
No, did not interfere.
Hello, Dasha.
– Hello, giving Sasha! – It was already Dasha.
– Could you take a look at Dasha’s laptop? He is messing up.
– I asked Vika, handing me the affected unit.
Taking up a small netbook (Yes, it was a netbook, not a laptop.
Oh, those women.
) I activated it and could not wait to download it.
As it turned out, the Girl picked up so many viruses on the Internet that the fact that her beech was trying to boot was surprising at all.
– Okay.
– In the end, I gave out. Free local sex cams.

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