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it is fucking a thrill, and we will definitely do it, but not today.
you fucking don’t blame – don’t be afraid: no one will know anything that happened tonight.
I promise – I give the word! And that will be in front of us, too, no one will know anything.

Understood me? – Yes.
I understood, – the Hare nodded, looking Arkhip in the eyes.
“no one will know anything” – that was the most important thing now! – Now, now he answered normally – he said “I understood.”
and I, fucking understood that you understood me.
Well, fuck, with you, after all, countrymen, – Arkhip laughed softly.
– I have no countrymen in the company, and therefore no one can verify this.
so, Dimon, not ssy – in a company of offense, I will not give you. Free love sex cam.

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