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“We are making a wish,” Sveta answered, and both friends laughed loudly.
Sergey noticed that from time to time Olga glances at his

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standing member.
She continued to sit in Turkish and now he could clearly see that her crack was swollen and oozing with a clear liquid.

“If I win now,” he thought, “I will ask to touch.”
But happiness turned away from him.
The card did not go and Olga won again.
“Interesting,” flashed the thought, “what will she think of now?” Olga looked around, got up, shook off the sticky sand from her ass and, going up to a large, table-like stone, lay on her stomach.
She spread her legs to the sides and she could clearly see the bulge of her sponges, covered with thick, glossy hair.
Sergey was taken aback.
At first, he did not understand what Olga wanted, but Sveta, lightly touching his shoulder, whispered: – Go to her.
Sergey got up and went on stiff legs to Olga who was waiting for him.
His cock stood at 45 degrees.
Svetka, anticipating events, put her hand between her legs and began to slowly stroke it there.
Sergey approached Olga and gently held his fingertips over her ass.
Olga shuddered, as if from a chill, and, turning, looked at Sergei through half-closed eyelids.
He began to stroke her more boldly, still not daring to enter.
Olga, trying to hurry him, leaned back a little, so that his dick touched the hollow between her elastic buttocks.
Sergey ran his fingers from her belly to her ass.
There is a fair amount of Olgin liquid on the hand.
Smearing her head member, Sergei sent her to the coveted entrance and slightly pressed.
Sponges easily parted and the member without any resistance slid inside.
The feeling of the first penetration burned Sergei.
His head plunged into the hot humid depth.
He puffed out, as Olgino’s bosom several times shrunk convulsively, taking his cock and quietly groaned with pleasure.

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Olga was excited to the limit by contemplating a member of Sergei, and only the conditions of the game kept her from not clinging to him with her lips or sitting on top of him.
Now, finally, she got the opportunity to enjoy it.
She lay on a warm stone, closing her eyes in anticipation of the coveted touch.
Her fingers slid along her skin and a light chill ran down her back.
Here is a hot head slides between her buttocks.
Here he ran his hand over her lips, slightly hitting the clitoris.
And here it is the long-awaited moment! His cock slowly penetrates her.
To better feel this Olga several times squeezed the muscles of the vagina.
Member Sergei slowly penetrated deeper and deeper.
Finally, Olga felt how he rested in her uterus and strongly pressed on her.
At the same time, she felt his belly touch her ass.
For a few seconds, Sergei froze, and then began to slowly move back.
He firmly held her ass with his hands and slowly slipped Olga onto his big dick.
Svetka, watching them, managed to finish once and now she lay quietly, stroking herself between her legs.
She also wanted to be on the spot now Olga, but she has not yet decided to intervene.
In the meantime, Sergey, being excited more and more strongly, began to move more sharply and now his member with force flew into Olgino’s vagina.
She screamed loudly with every thrust.
A long cock hurt the uterus, preventing Olga from getting horny.
Finally, she could not stand it.
– Wait, – she stretched out her hand back, dismissing Sergey.
-What happened? Do not you like it? – It hurts me.
Sergey looked discouraged at Olga.
Both were looking for a way out.
Suddenly Olga smiled and, squinting at Sergey, said: -Try to another one.
– and lay down again.
At first, Sergei did not understand what she meant.
He already wanted to re-enter Olguin’s hole, but, opening her ass, he suddenly saw what she wanted.
He knelt down and, wetting his finger in a rich lubricant, gently held it along the narrow ring.
It immediately relaxed invitingly, as if inviting inwards.
Olga, thanks to Svetka, already had a wealth of experience on this side and was able to quickly relax the anus.
Sergey, having understood it, nevertheless decided not to risk and not to enter at once.
He returned to his bag on the sand and took out a tube of cream, which was taken by someone from her friends.
Svetka, looking at him from under half-closed eyelids, did not hesitate to stroke herself between her legs.
He returned to Olga, who was still lying on the stone, and, squeezing the cream on her finger, began to gently lubricate the anus with it and around it.
Olga it gave a clear pleasure.
She was literally flowing with juices, and her buttocks were then squeezed, squeezing the cream, then relaxed again, letting her finger inside. Indian models nude photoshoot.

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