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Vince suddenly had an idea.
Perhaps the most painful, depraved thought that his perverted mind could ever come up with.
“Stephanie, if you think about it, maybe I’m a little cruel,” he said, putting his hand on her shoulder. “Maybe we can clean up the mess, after all.”

She looked up and wiped her eyes.
“Oh, thank you, Dad! I’ll do everything, I swear.

I want to fix the relationship between us. ”
Vince smiled smugly.
“I’m glad to hear that.”
Moving to the edge of the table, he began to skillfully weave his own vicious thread.
“I hired back many people to this company, Stephanie.
The people I swore to never work with.
You know it. ”
She nodded.
“People think that I do it for the benefit of the company, but this is not always the case.
Sometimes I do it for.
Well, for personal entertainment.
Just to see how deep they go before returning to work here. ”
Vince watched her carefully.
Did she swallow nervously or did he think? “There have been many desperate people over the years, but do you know which people I love when I come back?” “N.

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no, dad. ”
Do you know why? “Stephanie’s eyes widened slightly.
“As women,” he said, lightly stroking his daughter’s gentle face, “will do everything she needs.”
Taking a step forward, Vince stood right in front of the seated Stephanie.
Without explaining anything, he grabbed the zipper on his pants and slowly pulled it down.
As she understood what he was offering her, Stephanie instantly recoiled with a sense of wild shock.
Steph began to stutter, trying to find words that could make him change his desire.
“Dad, I can’t.
no no? Stephanie, you just told me you’re ready for anything.
You said you wanted to improve! ”He looked into Stephanie’s brown eyes, which looked full of shock and disbelief in what was happening.
Lesbian live.

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