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She was always ready to give him her bosom or to open her mouth.
After the first mutual orgasm Daria got the coveted jar.
– Grisha! I worked here a little on myself, let’s try my ass.

Just ask you – do not rush.
If it hurts, please, let’s postpone.
The back hole was so narrow that Grisha could barely eat them.
Daria bravely endured pain, moaning, but not struggling.
She sent Grishin a hand so that he would not forget about the clitoris.
And again the orgasm was the strongest! For the first time she enjoyed anal sex! The women on the farm, when Maria came to the evening milking, immediately noticed that she was all kind of tense.
– Mashk, and Mashk! Why are you so gloomy? – And this she is experiencing, that Grishka to Dasha walks around! Haha You see, I hooted a guy, even quit drinking.
Her friends Gutara, that they repulsed them, everything is waiting for her Mom.
Mary listened to her companions with horror.
She could not even imagine such a thing in a dream! In the evening, she headlong into the house and immediately to her son, who was already asleep.
Masha shook him.
– Grisha! Is it true that you go to Dasha? To this slut and drunkard.
What did you forget there? – Mom, stop it.
She is my aunt.
I decided to help her.
She, here, threw to drink, the order in the house brought.
Yes, and I’m a man! I need it too.
“Duck, we have half a village like her.”
Are you going to help everyone? Look wiped.
– Mom, I’m not going to all.
Only if you still! I see how you suffer.
– What umadu.
Mother native to please! Assist.
Okay, go to sleep, but don’t go to Dasha anymore, otherwise they are already talking.
Not good with my native aunt to be merciful.
She kissed her son on the forehead and, thawing a little from his words, went to her half.
After this conversation, Gregory could not fall asleep.
He heard his mother wash, then he went to bed.

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He represented her naked and a member stood a stake.
After hesitating, he got up and went to his mother.
– Mom, are you awake? – Not.
What do you want? – Move over a bit.
– Grisha, do not.
Go to sleep.
But the guy still went to her bed.
For a couple of minutes they lay silently, not moving.
Then he hugged his mother, began to caress her body.
Masha weakly resisted.
With her size and physical strength, she could easily have thrown him out of bed, but she did not.
Their struggle did not last long.
Masha gave up.
Moreover, she took the initiative.
Throwing off his nightgown and pulling off his panties from her son, she straddled his protruding penis.
Mary surrendered with all the passion, without a trace.
The yearned flesh craved a man, no matter who it was at that moment.

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screams burst from the woman’s chest, her body shaking.
A few minutes later she whispered: “Grisha, just do not let me down!” and with a moan fell on his son.
Grisha did not move, waiting for his mother to wake up a little.
Masha rolled to the side, pressed against her son.
– Grisha, how are we going to be now? – How! We will live as a husband and wife! – What are you doing? Well this is where it has been seen that a mother lived with her son, as with a husband! – Only we will know about it.
– And Olya will return, that will be something! – Nothing.
She is a sensible girl, she will understand everything and will be silent.
I’m with her ceiling.
– Grisha, and you’re just great.
I haven’t gotten so long.
Already the soul flew away.
Oh, dear, but you are not down with it.
As so, it does not matter.
– And now we will fix everything! With these words, Grisha turned his mother on her back and lay down on her.
A member easily entered her hot bosom.
The son did not have to hammer his mother for long, arousal affected.
He poured his sperm on her stomach.
Maria thoughtfully examined the sperm, scooped it up with her finger.
-Oh, it’s a pity that you can not give birth to you.
There would be a real family.
Hubby you are my favorite! Masha tenderly clung to her son, trustingly laid her head on his shoulder.
Their first night lasted until dawn.
Gregory poured three more times on the body of the mother, and each time before this, Maria had a strong orgasm.
She stopped screaming, and then lay breathless for a couple of minutes.
Gregory woke up in his mother’s bed.
Sweet stretched, remembering last night, went to the toilet.
Following the advice of Daria, thoroughly washed in the shower.
Just decided to have breakfast, as Marya came.
– Why are you so early? – Oh, asked for leave.
I can not work today.
The girls are joking, they say, she made a lover, and I just smile – so good at heart! Telling it, Masha began to change clothes. Livejasmin model center.

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