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I decided to go to the local nightclubs and places of entertainment.
On my way came across a club with the name “WILD NIGHT”.
The owner of this club was a representative of the race of the Soths.

September 10, 2507 year 15: 30Valentina G. Semigor 29 years old club “wonderful night”.
I came to work earlier, the first day, after all.
I went to the club through the service entrance; this is the club’s rule that staff enter and exit only through the service entrance.
I went into the locker room, where there were lockers.
She found her locker, took a change of clothes, put it on the bench next to it.
She stands between two rows of two-tier cabinets, she put black lacquered black high-heeled shoes and a platform on the floor next to the bench.
I lost my shoes, put the shoes on the bottom shelf in the locker, took off my blouse, put the bra in the locker on the shelf, the skirt on the tights hanger to the bra on the shelf there and the panties.
I examined myself with a critical eye, but I can still give you anything hot.
Not one hair pussy clean ass like a peach.
Wow, lovely sight.
On the door was a small shelf with round holes in each, a long tube of cream stood out of the holes.
Cream for the body and face “ELAST”, after it the skin became like velvet, pleasant and tender to the touch.
Squeezed out of the tube on the palm.
And she began to spread it on her body: legs, crotch, buttocks, stomach, chest, neck, face, arms.
With my back, I had to suffer.
Smearing myself, just stood up, what would have absorbed better.
Turned to the bench took the bag with my work clothes.
Not even that.
I dressed him quickly with the pleasure of being very pleasant to the body, and put on high-heeled shoes and a platform.
She went to the mirror on the entire wall in the locker room.

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The pussy was covered with a flower pattern, one breast was covered with an elegant pattern, the second was visible through a thin fabric.
Twisting in front of the mirror, another five minutes went to the staff room.
September 10, 2507 year 16 hours with a penny.
Sasha 7 years old What is in the fridge? ABOUT! Sausage.
I’ll make sandwiches with sausage.
And I will go on reading.
September 10, 2507 year 16: 35SE-sha-TCI head and owner of the club “wonderful night” race of the Saths (if you say the name in the original, the only thing you can say is the sound “se”) the name is shortened by a universal translator.
Already a year since I opened the club “a wonderful night” there are not many customers, but some regulars have already appeared.
The first set of girls had already left, I had to recruit new workers.
It is necessary to check everything and give an indication of who will do what.
The club will open its doors at six in the evening,

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there is still time, but just in case, I will check that everything is perfect.
September 10, 2507 year 15: 50Valentina G. Semigor 29 years old club “wonderful night”.
I went into the room for the staff.
A large room on the right hand was a small mini bar with a stand and three seats, then a sore screen hung on the wall. Further in the corner was a kitchen with a corner stand and six high stools.
On the right hand there is an U-shaped sofa, and in the middle is a small table, and then an corner sofa, and a front table for a newspaper.
At the end of the room the door there are four rooms with beds on them easily fit six people.
I went to the kitchen, I wanted to drink coffee.
There were already sitting on the high stools five girls and one stool was free.
She went to the counter and sat on a stool on the kitchen panel, ordered coffee, and began to meet the girls.
Natasha and Olya are dancers; they were dressed in a top with a mini skirt in red, the mini thong panties covered only the pussy under the mini skirt, they were red.
We chatted, no one paid for a while, so everything would have continued, but a call came to the neural network, with a message to come to everyone in the main hall.
September 10, 2507 16: 45SE-sha-TCI, the head and owner of the club “wonderful night” race of the Saths (a little annoyed (nervous because of the new ones)).
Going into the main hall, he sent a message to everyone on the neural network, to arrive to all service personnel in the main hall.
Watching how gradually the club began to arrive in the hall. Online shopping transparent bra and panty set.

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