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Don’t be afraid of the enema, Tony, she is needed.
You will not be a bit hurt, it will not be unpleasant, you will only feel good and warm in the ass and in the stomach. ”
With these words, my uncle gently pulled this tube out of me, again asked me to relax and not shrink, then gently inserted a smeared enema tip into my ass.

Then he asked if it was convenient for me, if the tip did not bother me, if it didn’t scratch or hurt me.
I answered no.
To myself, I thought that the tip in the pope was perhaps even pleasant.
Then my uncle asked if I was ready to start the enema infusion.
I hesitantly replied: “Yes.”
Having received this answer, my uncle asked me to breathe deeply and evenly, to relax and not compress my ass, and opened the faucet on the hose.
At first I didn’t feel anything at all, but after half a minute I felt how my ass began to slowly fill with warm soapy water.
My uncle started massaging my stomach, distributing warm water in it and helping me take an enema.
With the other hand, he massaged my ass, helping me to relax. Sex pistols emi live.

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