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Wore boots red.
I gave her autumn white jacket, and she wore a mink coat.
Well, Anya, come on? Your debut – smiling she said.

When we left the apartment, as luck would have it, Aunt Masha, the neighbor over, came up the stairs: Hello Alina! How are you doing? Where is Andryushka lost? Hello aunt Masha, well, Andrey was called to work.
A cousin’s sister from Germany just came to me.
although she is mute since birth, so we decided not to wait for Andrey, but to go for a walk – Alina answered.
From America you say? – asked t.
Masha looked at me appreciatively.
I was ready to fail the ground.
It seemed to me that she recognized me.
But no, having examined me t.
Masha continued: I would introduce my girlfriend to my son.
And then he does not have good luck for good girls.
Her son was a thirty-year-old boy, he lived alone in his apartment next door in a bachelor’s house.
He really had no luck with respect to women, although everything seemed to be with him: he was both well-to-do and handsome and handsome – I even envied him in terms of his manhood and forms.
When we went down, I shushed at her: And how do you introduce to me it is interesting and to whom? She laughed again: think up something silly)).
We walked down the street defiantly on the heels, and my heart was breaking with excitement.
And the closer we were to the club, the worse I got.
After all, there are a lot of people there, what if someone finds out or notices? But Alya reassured me that everything will be fine.
When we arrived, we saw that Segay and Katya were not alone, there were two guys with them. Sexy blonde models naked.

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