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You had nightmares, and then you lain on the bed, reading educational literature.
For praise I praise, but I still have to punish you.
But first, morning cunnilingus, – she spread her legs invitingly, finally leaving my bust to the quarters.

Mrs. smelled pleasantly of jasmine, but the hungry pussy with drooping lip petals smelled something different.
Since yesterday, these changes have finished me with a sense of smell.
Everything seemed to smell almost as usual, but not quite, and Mrs. Dee did not say a word about it.
Willingly embracing the thighs of the Lady, I pressed my lips to her brackish womb, merging with him in a greedy French kiss.
A little surprised and excited moan of Alena was the best proof of the efficiency of my dirty mouth.
Sweepingly licking the grease liberally secreted by the Mistress, I drove my tongue on the outside of the pussy and inside her, continually poking my nose into the lecherous chubby clit.
Ahhhhhh ~ Dirty bitch, you.
Ahhh !.
Not so hopeless.
– now and then sweetly moaning praised me Alain, digging with her fingers in my thick head of hair.
Whether the hunger was returning or part of the excitement of the lady involuntarily passed on to me, but I indisputably flowed.
The Lady’s love nectar covered the most of my depraved face with a glossy layer, flowing down my chin and dripping onto the buffer.
Not so much but between my legs shone.
So it could not continue for a long time and after a couple of minutes of hot kissing, her oyster fluttered and Alyona finished brightly and loudly, having watered me with a scattering of “girl’s dew”.
Vuh! It was super! – rather lounging on a chair, the Mistress purred at all unhurriedly moving the legs.
– Your mouth is just wonderful.
Remember, you will do it every morning.
Yes Milady.
When you clean up here, waiting for you on your knees at the exit.
It’s time to take you to the light.

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She sated like a cat and trying not to slip on her own puddle, she got up and went to her room.
Licking the remnants of cum from my lips, I began to clean the kitchen.
My hands did the work, but in my mind I wanted to finish it as soon as possible.
and finish.
My body missed orgasm, wanting to take in a living warm member.
At night I thought about it a lot.
Remembering the past life, the current one seemed to me to gradually lose my shame and internally changes irrevocably away from Alexander, which was not so long ago.
And it was not only in the body of a preoccupied cock sucker, in which I was sharpened with the help of magic that was incomprehensible to me, but life under the heel of the Lady was no less effective.
By the arrival of Alenka, I was already sitting on my knees, wearing shoes and dressing for the exit to the street in my yesterday’s outfit.
I sincerely hoped that she would call me a fool and order me to dress more decently, but this was not the case.
Alyona left her room a completely different person than she had been with me for the whole month.
She wore: tight-fitting brown pants, so emphasizing her slender legs and

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ass; graceful white shirt; vest in the color of pants; and a jacket.
On her feet were business closed women’s shoes with medium wide heels.
Elegant silver-framed round glasses were worn on her nose, although we both knew that she had remarkable eyesight.
If it were not for the feminine figure and long hair, then it could be confused with a very stylishly dressed gay.
In short, she dressed as I forbade her, but.
she looked still fascinating.
Are you a fool or something? I said to wait for me here, not a word was said about the clothes! Quickly undress and get up cancer, bitch – angry with hands apart on the sides, ordered Alain and headed to my room.
I undressed in an instant: there were not many clothes, and the Lady looked very harsh.
By the time she came back with something in her hands, my palms were on the floor and my black bottom was at the top.
Without any extra ceremonies, Alena spat on the sphincter’s nodule and began to push the cone-shaped butt plug from latex into it.
3 cm wide and 7 long.
Clenching my teeth tightly, I literally felt like a millimeter by millimeter cork enters me, widening my hole.
Thanks again tell me, bitch.
Be patient, you need to develop your work hole.
It’s hard to learn, easy – in battle, right? You will become a great anal whore, – she lamented rather wallowingly, squeezing my right half-deaf with her free palm.
At the cost of a pair of tears, a glass of sweat and two minutes of wasted time, the cork took its place entirely within me.
Outside, there was only a pen that looked like a mushroom cap. Sexy feet live cam.

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