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But the guy who led them to our couch on gestures showed her that she would not stick, lurk and not interfere with our conversation.
The girl twisted her lips first, but still obeyed and settled down with the other guy on the carpets right in front of us.
Well, as if complementing for us the picture “Fucking Tatiana-for-mirrors.”

– Let’s lick my whore.
You do not want your girlfriend to look like she is not well-groomed, not ready for further fucking? And after a while the guys changed places.
The first phrase is the guy: “really beautiful my girlfriend?”.
The guy himself was on a huge emotional lift.
And it seemed that his question about his girlfriend actually expressed a request that he himself was somehow evaluated.
And as soon as I thought about it, I heard the answer of the chef-restaurant – Yes, you and your bitch are both the most gorgeous whores.
I already have a jaw dropped.
So in the forehead to give the exact characteristics? I would not have turned my tongue.
The guy is not that would be offended, he, on the contrary, with such gratitude in his eyes, threw himself into the arms of the chef-restaurant, which literally ran into his

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outstretched hand, like a spear.
And then he began to kiss his hand, smearing the sperm from his lips over his hand.
– Well, if you are so happy that you and your girlfriend were brought here, then come here and look more often.
– Well, it’s like my girlfriend wants.
He is not a supporter of spoiling us with my darling.

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– And what if your girlfriend here pussy does not work for visiting the restaurant? Let’s put on the “green” – like to leave always with the loot.
Well, this short conversation the chief of the restaurant interrupted with a strong-willed gesture.
The boy remained behind our backs; behind the back of the couch as part of four or five listeners.
In the course of how he listened attentively, he managed to insert his own “five kopecks”: “Look, see how my girlfriend is blowing my friend! Is it true that a cool tattoo was made on my money on her pubic hair? ”
Or “as I love to see how my girl passionately want, and other men.”
Or “I taught my girlfriend immediately, on my orders, to surrender to any stranger.”
And tyr and pyr.
But the chef-restaurant and I talked about much more interesting topics.
Although, as if distracting from our conversation with our boss, we talked with this guy along the way: – And how often do you arrange for your girl group? – Today is the first time.
– T.
for the first time today you saw another man insert your girlfriend.
– Not.
Already, probably, a couple of weeks, as my friend openly fucks my girlfriend with me.
– T.
2m + f – do you think you are a group player? – Awesome, well, hey-uh, but then we live in a group of little girls for a week.
I just thought about gruppavichki, this is when several members fuck my girlfriend.
Well, like today.
– BUT.
how many members have been in your girlfriend’s pussy today? Then the conversation hesitated.
Because, like the second guy who was with the girl, he began to connect with the conversation, rudely laying siege to our guy that he wants a lot, but more bullshit than.
Than? And he threatened him with the phrase: “now, instead of his girlfriend, whores, you will have my dick sucking.”
After that, in the tone of the host, he turned to the chief of the restaurant – where should he take this slut – let him wash off his sperm, and even let the bitch, at last, the grandmother will start to work here.
The chief of the restaurant showed where to go with gestures, but then very quietly asked him: “did you decide to spend your companion“ on the green ”? Sexy tv live channel.

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