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Without taking out the rubber member from her butt, I began, resolutely, overcoming the resistance of the upper wall squeezed by him, to insert my tense organ into the next hole.
Anya screamed with genuine horror, and immediately whiped a whip in the air, loudly imprinted on her shoulders.
– Be silent, or I will constipate to a pulp! – Larissa exclaimed viciously.

Mulatochka meekly fell silent, and only stifled groans made their way through her clenched teeth.
I introduced my penis about two-thirds and did a few vibrational-rotational movements.
Anya could not stand it and again let out a heart-rending cry.
This time, Larissa stretched her across the back just below the shoulder blades with all her strength, and there the purple strip immediately swept up.
A new cry shook the room.
At this point, I stuck my penis on the most eggs, feeling how the head rested against the cervix.
Anechka no longer had the strength to scream, she only silently opened her mouth, but when I moved into her close depths, with effort pushing the closed walls of her

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vagina, I also began to play with an artificial member in her ass, she again howled in pain.

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Larisa reacted to this with a series of violent blows, after which Anechka’s body shook from the desperate efforts to free herself.
Her shoulders and back in different directions crossed the traces of her cruel blows.
Fascinated by this sight, I nevertheless could not reach orgasm in this position: the tightness of her ass interfered too much, which caused a bulky bulge in the upper part of her bosom.
She still had to work and work in this direction, not like my wife! Therefore, I with a sharp movement pulled the artificial member out of her butt and immediately put the real one in there.
Something chomped loudly inside her, and I, bursting out into the open, firmly grasped her soft chocolate thighs and began to move at a frantic pace.
Anna only moaned softly, swaying after my movements.
Finally, I could not stand it and again put my organ ready to explode into her crack, having decided to check in all corners of her body.
There I was discharged after a couple of minutes, after which I leaned weakly on her streaked back.
She was very soft and hot, a little damp with sweat and blood.
“I need to go to the toilet,” said Anya for the first time.
“You will stay here as long as I desire this,” I replied in a tone that could not stand objection, and winked at Larisa.
“I endure not for the first hour,” Anya pleaded, “please take me to the toilet, and then do what you want again.”
– You need a little? – Yes.
– Anya answered plaintively.
Larisa shook her head.
On the other hand, it was tempting to torment your gift in a new way, but on the other – I did not want to scrub the urine from the floor, and did not want Larissa to do it. Sister sex spy cam.

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