Tussichka24 2018 bongacams.

Tussichka24 2018 bongacams.
Ay! I saw how I was covered with water, my robe was already wet through, now it would freeze into ice.
I think I’m at the end of the breakwater jumping off into the water, and to swim to the breakwater, with handrails, it will be easy to get out there.
Come, little by little, so as not to slip.

Ay! Again covered with water.
The face and legs are wet and frostbite right in the wind.
Frost after minus thirty.
– Be careful, hold on to me.
– You too hardly stand, you slip.
– Vova.
No, I can not go on.
Bathrobe froze already, a crust of ice.
I can not bend my arms.
Let’s go back.
I’m afraid to freeze, wet all.
– That’s right.
Come on, be careful.
Again covered with a wave, hold on.
Come on, merzlyachka, unwind your type of “gloves” and “bots” and get dressed.
We’re going home? – I’m not cold!

Milanamayer bongacam.

In general, you do not understand.
I just went to leave the robe icy and think.
I still think.
That’s it, I decided.
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It only hinders and freezes, now in such a terrible frost and storm at dawn, there can be no one except us, so you can swim naked.
Let’s try again.
If we quickly reach the end of the breakwater, then I will not have time to freeze, but as I jump into the water, you can not be afraid in the water of frost.
– I thought we were going home.
– Come on, put on your hood, so as not to get wet, and go out, faster until I changed my mind.
– It would be better if you changed your mind.
Maybe go back, eh? – A little more and zakocheneyu.
I’m all wet, already covered with ice.
Come on, help me get down into the water.
And how can you help, there is nothing to grasp.

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I have to sit on the edge of the ice, push off and jump into this icy crumb.
It seems there are no big pieces of ice, I hope not hit.
– Maybe go back.
BUT? Sit down.
Be careful! Do not scratch the ice.
Swam out.
How are you there? – Fine! Wow, like shakes, like a roller coaster.
Look, I am like a cuttlefish in these sleeves, I can not put my hands or legs under the water, I am lying in this icy crochet.
The water is not as cold as in the cold.
I barely got on the ice from one breakwater to the other.
From the covering waves saves only the hood and a waterproof jacket, pants and boots.
Otherwise, I would have froze my legs, arms, head.
Tussichka24 2018 bongacams.

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