Bongacams komsomolka1.

Bongacams komsomolka1.
He said that then the pain will pass and it will be very nice.
At this time, he gently stroked and jerked off my pussy, which had already fallen from the pain.
The pain gradually passed, pleasant sensations rolled back on me, my dick started to get up again, in the pope it was also uncomfortable with the presence of something foreign and hot and pleasant at the same time.

I myself tried to carefully sit on the member inserted into me deeper, there was no pain anymore, there were new interesting sensations, pushing my ass over here, I made it clear that I was ready for further mating.
Alexey Vladimirovich carefully and slowly began to move in me, so as not to cause me discomfort.
He moved faster and faster, but at the same time very gently and carefully, and after a while I began to get very pleasant sensations in my hole.
I wanted an experienced passionate male to fuck me more and more so that he would go deeper and deeper into my hole.
From the moans of Alexei Vladimirovich, I realized that he would soon finish.
But I was already on the verge of, I HIS fingers were so sweetly jerking my pussy so that she, too, was ready to explode at any moment, I felt a wave of orgasm covering me, I just managed to quietly moan – I’ll finish it, end it Come on, I want you.
I felt a member of the male, inside my cave began to throb, I felt the hot lava of his sperm

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pouring into me.

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I, losing consciousness, also immediately ended right in the palm of the male who had captured me.
We fell exhausted on the mattress, Alex for some time did not even take out his penis from me.
We both lay together on the side, He embraced me from behind, said that he had not been so sweet for a long time already, he was already inside me, he was very pleased.
We covered ourselves with a blanket and fell asleep in an interesting pose, clinging to each other.
I realized that I did not want to leave anywhere.
HIS friend was supposed to arrive in the morning, but that’s another story.
To be continued.
If you liked the story, write.
I will be glad to talk.
Having passed 200 meters, we stopped.
The time was only 2 o’clock in the afternoon, the sun beating evil still.
Sandy beach was burning feet.
We found sections of the beach covered with grass more comfortable and settled on one of these islets with grass.
Here grew a lonely tree.
Once again, sitting on the rug, we continued to take a sun bath.
The nearest neighbors were 50 meters away, so now we had nothing to be shy.
Having talked about something, I turned over on my stomach and quietly fell into a dream.
Through the slumber, I heard someone’s voices, but I could not open the eyelids, filled with lead gravity.
How much time has passed, it’s hard to say, maybe half an hour, maybe less.
I woke up from the heat and was covered in sweat, it’s time to take a dip.
I opened my eyes and saw that Katerina was not sleeping.
She was lying on her stomach, leaning over, and reading a magazine.
In front, near the tree, 15 meters from us were three guys, obviously, they came at a time when I was sleeping.
I drew attention to the fact that they were all in tattoos and some thin.
Here are goblins sizhavye, I thought, sitting in family shorts, 3 sizes larger and not shy. Bongacams komsomolka1.

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