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as? What are you going to do with me ?.
Nicole choked on her words, turning pale as chalk.
Never in her life have you flogged her.

I’m not going to, – Mark squinted in displeasure, – I will.
I will do with you everything that I wish, my little Nicole, – he winked at the captive.
– the girl did not know what to say.
He just grinned, his hands suddenly lay on the girl’s hips, pulling off her skirt.
She jerked helplessly, but could neither kick him nor prevent him.
Meanwhile, his hand lay on top of her panties, as if waiting for some special moment.
Mark was in no hurry.
He saw that Nick would not resist more, he would not scream, her silence was proof of that.
Pulling a knife from somewhere unexpectedly, he ran her back.
Nicole moaned softly, feeling the icy blade on her skin.
But he did not hurt her.
Just cut the blouse.
And, meanwhile, the blade of the knife went down lower and lower, cutting the fabric of the girl’s panties.
The blade passed just between the buttocks of the unfortunate, making her feel on the verge of pain. Live sexting sites.

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