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These thoughts aroused her mind when she once was in his apartment, and early in the morning, pretending to be asleep, watched as he always closed the strange, unlike any other heavy metal door to the room, before leaving somewhere.
After waiting for the guy to go to the shower, Christine silently jumped out of bed and, like a venerable thief, pulled the necessary key from the common ligament and secretly made her way into this inaccessible zone.
Feeling a lush heartbeat in her chest, the girl realized that this act could lead to unpredictable consequences, but the forbidden fruit was sweeter than any arguments.

She had a few seconds to enter and look at the inner filling and the contents of the lair, so that a storm of delicate emotions with lightning would pierce the body from the heels to the ends of the hair.
As if nailed to the floor, Christina could not move, examined the running lines and the flashing figures on the monitors.
Computers were buzzing everywhere, information about customers of different banks, lists of accounts, copies of passports, dozens of bank cards in other names, equipment for making fakes, skimming equipment for obtaining information about cardholders, holograms of various payment systems marked marker hard drives with the abbreviation of companies and banks.
What was just not there.
As in the uncontrollable attraction, thoughts then began to run in a circle, overtaking each other.
The first sensible thing that came to mind was the desire to run, to run as far as possible without looking back.
“He is a criminal, a crook.
Get out of here immediately “- pulsed in the brain while she was collecting things scattered in the heat of the nightly passion around the room.
Re-experiencing that state now, Christine remembered how Vadim, then quietly, approached from behind, stopped her, firmly holding her hand.
Understanding the cause of her anxiety, not letting out a thin palm, the guy with her crossed the threshold of that very room, sat down on the first chair, made him drink a glass of strong alcohol and told everything.

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Or just what she was supposed to know.
Assumptions girls about crime proved to be true.
Vadim was a famous hacker in his circle.
He was one of the most notorious gangs of computer geniuses who caused a lot of confusion in Europe, Japan, Russia, the States, Singapore, and China.
The last catch of their team was more than one billion dollars, they cleaned out more than a hundred banks, payment systems and financial organizations from different continents of the globe.
Despite the step hierarchy and the subdivision of functions between gang members, ranging from managing processes, spreading viruses, withdrawing money from ATMs and cashing accounts, this group of informational robots, the Internet plague of the new generation, actually had two simple castes.
Hackers who did not bear any responsibility for their actions, and hackers who were all blamed for doing prison sentences for the crimes of others.
Vadim was one of the first, but after a series of high-profile arrests and extraditions of many of his accomplices, and the hunt for computer heads, he realized that sooner or later they would get to him.
It was just a matter of time.
Therefore, six months ago, he decided to return to Moscow, and I use my channels to switch to small self-employment, which was much safer.
He did not rob ordinary people.
Only those who profit at the expense of other bankers who eat fatty fabulous percentages are “pivotal” insurance companies, business fraudsters who evade taxes, steeped in greed and dishonesty, state-owned companies plundering the budget, those who drive criminals, turn those who have money. the main measure of life.
Repeatedly, his clients became the owners of companies wishing to interrupt the work of competitors and annoy their rivals in the market.
The owners of such companies arranged specially trained front workers to other offices,

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and those using Vadim programs launched the virus into a common system, collecting trade secrets, speed and important information, or generating an informational failure.
Recently, the main customers became the special services and the management of the FSB, the company of the financial and defense sector.
His task was one – to establish surveillance of the right people through mobile phones, iPhones, tablets, computers.
The information he collected covered literally the whole spectrum of human life.
Whether netizens, fans of social networks could know, all those who use the Internet to make payments, transfer money from their accounts, what they can watch at their computer, keeping track of everything that happens on their screens. Naomi campbell naked photo.

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