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Well I understand.
Everything will be at its best! – This is me not specifically about you – softened the chef – This I remembered how Gennady meets guests! I will remember this to death now! Chef could understand.
Six years ago, Genka met a delegation of our Korean partners – one woman and three men.

All from forty to fifty, solid serious businessmen.
Upon arrival, the Koreans expressed a desire to have a snack and Genka, a broad Russian soul, gave them a modest dinner in a restaurant at public expense.
Asian organisms were surprisingly weak about vodka.
Only by the morning of the third day the guests were able to communicate clearly with the outside world.
Genka also remembered poorly the past days.
When it turned out the amount spent on the entertainment of the guests, the accountant was discharged with valerian.
However, the most funny thing happened the day after, when Genk decided to restore the memory from photographs from the service fotik issued to him for capturing guests against the sights of our city.
It turned out that at some point everyone wanted to have sex.
Why Genk didn’t summon professional women, he couldn’t explain, leaning toward the fact that at that time he was just sleeping.
The woman they have at hand was only one.
The unfortunate Korean woman was fucked by everyone, including Gennady.
However, judging by the pictures, she did not resist.
From the same pictures it followed that

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she had been fucked in the most diverse, including exotic poses and combinations, in all possible and impossible places, proving by the deep knowledge of Asians in this matter.
It lasted almost a day with short breaks.
Genka swore that they did not accept anything but vodka, but no one believed him.

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When the guests finally got to the office, the Korean barely moved on widely spaced bending legs, occasionally sneaking around between themselves.
All of our puzzled heads that it would mean until the photos surfaced.
Fortunately, all the documents had already been signed by that time, so the Koreans were able to quickly dump them to their homes, fleeing giggles and sidelong glances.
Genk, contrary to expectations, was punished only financially, leaving to work in the same place.
The wise chef decided to slip it to the guests, who demanded such treatment.
– OK Go.
– let me go favorite leader.
To my lot I got to meet the Americans.
Two men flew in, about which only the names were known and that they were completely sane people and there should be no problems.
The chief said to my complaints about not good enough English that they speak Russian quite well, so I won’t be able to get out.
In due time I was at the airport.
The Americans arrived on time, I put them in the car and drove to the hotel, mothers to themselves our overseas sources of information.
Could report that both arrived – blacks.
Man and woman.
Husband and wife.
I almost fainted when a real Papuan rolled over to me, of two meters height and almost the same width, deep black, in a jacket a couple of sizes larger than that required with a hood on a curly head that sparkled teeth and whites of eyes.
Below the jackets, wide, crumpled, shapeless pants hung on the floor.
A wide flat nose and lips, like two dumplings, complete the picture.
Oh! – I thought, he would have another ring in the nose – and you can send it to the African aborigines! For his come, no one will doubt! However, after talking with him, it turned out that appearance was deceptive.
An ordinary normal man, not bad, by the way, who understands our work.
His wife, Sarah, looked much more decent.
Tall, moderately slender, almost did not differ from others, well, except for skin color.
At the same time, it is very similar that at least one white man wore in her family – the skin was not black, but a light chocolate color, and her face didn’t look like her husband, only her lips were somewhat thicker than normal white people.
Having settled in the hotel, they changed their clothes and I took them to the office, having handed it over to the chief.
Now, in their strict business suits, they didn’t resemble the African inhabitants who had just gotten off the palm tree, so that the boss had safely escaped a shock similar to the one I had received at the airport. Webcams blonde anal.

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